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  1. Jnana Yoga
  2. The Practice
  3. Bhakti yoga, gnyan yoga and karma yoga through Gayatri mantra
  4. Meditation and Concentration
  5. nivRtti mArga
  6. Good books for a begginer.
  7. Mixing elements from different Yoga's.
  8. questions on I AM THAT
  9. Jnana Marg
  10. A point that could not be made
  11. “Sankhya = Jnana Yoga”
  12. Brahman-GOLD , its Highest Qualities and Jewellery Store
  13. In a Nutshell
  14. Pointers to the Self. Atma-Vichara
  15. Effortlessness and Inquiry
  16. Consciousness is Everything
  17. jnana yoga
  18. Jnana Yoga for beginners?
  19. Ashtanga Yoga and the Noble Eightfold Path
  20. why sat chit anand are not attributes to brahman
  21. Swami Vivekananda on Jnana Yoga