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  1. Shlokha resources
  2. Manu?
  3. Verse number?
  4. Seven kinds of mothers according to Vedic injunction
  5. Infinity of Inbetweens
  6. ataraxia & kaivālya
  7. The significance of Itihasas and Puranas
  8. The Uddhava Gita?
  9. Vedic astronomy?
  10. Scriptural Sources for Shlokas and Mantras
  11. What should I read
  12. Vasistha's Yoga - if you have interest.
  13. Cosmic Ocean, Streams, Symbols...
  14. Rsi, chhandas & devata
  15. The Adi Granth.
  16. The Srimad Bhagavatam.
  17. Can you have a wedding around Diwali time?
  18. Etymology of the rishi's
  19. Significance of Vasistha
  20. The Veda's And Their Comprehension
  21. Bija matram of Mrityunjaya Mantra
  22. Mula Granthas and Inextant Hindu Original Texts: More than a Wish List?
  23. Gnothi Seauton-- Know thy SELF
  24. Brahma Sutras
  25. Best Hindu books
  26. I am sick of answerless motivators...
  27. Sat-Cit-Ananda
  28. Contradiction
  29. Can anyone translate the verses
  30. Hamsa Upanishad & Guru Gita
  31. Faith
  32. Pranava - Om
  33. His Grace and Our Effort
  34. Ik Oangkar
  35. The Agamas
  36. karmavipaka samhitha
  37. Vāstu & directions
  38. What is metaphoric and literal?
  39. Reincarnation
  40. An argument against the Hindu scriptures
  41. Siva Sutras
  42. Need for Proper Enunciation and Pronunciation of Shlokas
  43. Aliens in scripture?
  44. What does this mean?
  45. Divisions of the Vedic Literatures' Chart
  46. hell
  47. Gaṇeśa's name
  48. The word "Bhakti" is not in the Vedas
  49. where can i find the stories
  50. sacred texts on Tara
  51. Narada crowning Hanuman as music expert - Help please!
  52. Dude is this true?
  53. Scripture on a Deserted Island
  54. Sanskrit: Adhyayanam (study), and Sravanam (hearing)
  55. Scriptural proof for ISKCON's views on sex
  56. For Shri Nara and friends
  57. Story Source
  58. Need some help translating this verse in Sankrit..
  59. Scriptures from Pakistan
  61. Where I can I learn Soundarya Lahari with its meanings?
  62. Prem Sagur
  63. visarga & anusvāra
  64. sat & asat - solve the riddle!
  65. 6 shastras and upanishads original text to be downloaded at maharishi university site
  66. Prathamo Durjano vande...
  68. Quote from an unknown source
  69. A great blog about the Vedas
  70. Buying Sanskrit Texts?
  71. Studying Patala
  72. Sexual Tantra
  73. Scriptures of Sri Brahmā
  74. Shastra quotes!
  75. Hymns and Mantras in the Mahanirvana Tantra
  76. Link for the Scriptures
  77. QuickRef: related to Hindu scriptures
  78. Quality
  79. Lord Siva Wears the Ganga on his Head
  80. For Anyone Looking for a One Stop place to get your scriptures
  81. Bhagvad Gita and Ramayan
  82. Who is the "Doer"
  83. I cannot believe the audacity of humans towards the Gods
  84. Has anyone read the Mahabharata in its entirety?
  85. New Scriptures
  86. Jivan-Mukta
  87. Ramayan: A poetic Translation
  88. veda- a hint, a symbol
  89. Origins of sloka
  90. Cannot find source of comments from Sri Krishna, if He did say them.
  91. How Does One Study the Scriptures?
  92. Re: Vedic Prophecy
  93. Soul vs Self
  94. Blonde Gods in Sacred Texts aka AIT in the House?
  95. Which book contains Krishna's life?
  96. Vimsa Maharsi
  97. Sanskrit/hindi scriptures
  98. How to study Vaishnavism systemically
  99. Could it be? :)
  100. Deciphered Indus Script. I NEED IT!!!
  101. Gayatri mantra
  102. Where is karma located?
  103. What are the scriptures that show hell is temporary in Hinduism?
  104. Why is hard to found picture from Vishwamitra?
  105. Greatest Purana
  106. Chota Haridas in the Chaitanya Caritamrita
  107. Scripture concerning divine conversation
  108. Can please sombody translate this sentence in sanskrit "Please bless me..."
  109. Help with loving words for wedding
  110. Tvameva mata cha pita tvameva
  111. Is there One God worshipped with many forms and names or are there many ?
  112. Concept of Apaurusheyatva
  113. Sri Adi Shankaracharya's Jaagrata Jaagrata
  114. Hanuman Chalisa of Tulasi das
  115. Bhagavad Gita for those with just a basic understanding of Hinduism
  116. Narada Bhakti Sutra - and questions on the "mercy of great souls"
  117. What qualifies a written work as scripture?
  118. Law of Manu - Caste System
  119. Books
  120. Lord Krishna predicts a new Dharmic Golden Age
  121. Celebrated verses of scriptures
  122. Charama Shloka
  123. Varna
  124. 12 Avatars of Ganesha
  125. Help with pronounciation of prayer
  126. Varuna Suktam in Devanagari
  127. Kayena Vaca Manasendriyairva
  128. A theory on reading scriptures.
  129. The Fifth Veda - Pancama Veda
  130. sandhyavandan
  131. changing the world?
  132. Uddhava Gita translated by Sw. Ambikananda Saraswati
  133. Mahabharata Reread: Kadru and Vinata
  134. question about the scriptures - the relationship between eternity and temporality
  135. Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach
  136. Possible lost scriptures?
  137. Mantras,slokas,suktams,stostras
  138. Mahabharata
  139. Collective National Karma?
  140. Help me find this verse?
  141. Vedanta Sutras - Resources for Study
  142. Discussion of the Brihatakatha
  143. Kali yuga in scripture
  144. Personal Copies of Scriptures?
  145. Philosoraptor's Book Review: Five Principal Upanishads
  146. Learn Sanskrit - Help
  147. Translation Help
  148. Drugs in scriptures
  149. Philosoraptor's Book Review: Kathopanisat with Rangaramanuja's Commentary
  150. Soulmates
  151. Laws of Manu
  152. The Twist in the tale
  153. Simple translation
  154. Women in Vedas
  155. A Reading List for Newcomers
  156. Suitable Scripture
  157. Meaning of scriptures?
  158. Smritis
  159. Bhagavad Gita Sanskrit Singer ?
  160. Srimad Bhagavatam PDF
  161. Reading Hindu Scriptures with a Short Attention Span
  162. When was Shiva a student of sage Angiras?
  163. Where to Start (What to read first)
  164. Authenticity of K.M. Ganguly's Mahabharata
  165. Sticky for Authentic translations
  166. Which 'Gita' was told to Sri Rama by Lord Shiva?
  167. Comparitive religion question
  168. Learning scriptures
  169. Why we chant OM ?
  170. Sri Shankaracharya in English
  171. I need help from a native indian person TRANSLATION
  172. Why magic & possession occur more on Saturday &Tuesday?
  173. Obedience
  174. List of Shaiva Scriptures for All
  175. Learning about Lord Shiva
  176. Quick question on a mahavakya
  177. Apaurusheya - अपौरुषेय - not of a man
  178. Hymns of the Atharva Veda
  179. punishment for cow slaughter in Manu Smriti
  180. looking for scriptures
  181. Seeking book(s) recommendations on many topics
  182. Does Krishna advocate the use of astrology?
  183. क्या आप जानते हैं सनातन परंपरा के यह 16 संस्कार
  184. In the scriptures, are there any methods given to improve memory and learning?
  185. where to begin?
  186. Datta Stavam
  187. Scriptures
  188. Love - a Bhagavatam story
  189. Sri Ramakrishna Kathamritha
  190. 100 verse Ramayan
  191. Bhagavatam
  192. Most detailed book on Lord Hanuman
  193. Simplest havan procedure to perform at home by only one person
  194. Vow fulfilment in advance
  195. Can anyone identify the source of this quote
  196. Essential texts?
  197. Tirupati vow- please advise
  198. Origin and Meaning of a Scripture
  199. Quote by Chanakya
  200. Suka son of Vedavyasa did not respond, but Nature; original quote and more metaphors
  201. Lectures
  202. Sri Lalita Sahasranama
  203. Hierarchy of Hindu scriptures
  204. Jagna ashvamedha (release all sins)
  205. Exorcism - Vedas or Tantras
  206. Narada Bhakti Sutra
  207. What does Scripture say about destiny? Can destiny be changed?