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  2. Paul/Saul, the Controversial
  3. The man responsible - Constantine
  4. Does this annoy christians?
  5. Are the Christians worshipping Agni?
  6. One thing
  7. Satan has created the non-christians religions!!!!
  8. Know Thyself
  9. Jesus Baba
  10. Gnostic Christianity
  11. Why do Christians reject gnostic teaching?
  12. Hell inside the earth?
  14. Fear of God
  15. Is Jesus a confirmed Advaitin?
  16. Does christian GOD have intelligence?
  17. Receiving mark of the Devil
  18. Is soul eternal?
  19. Jesus of History
  20. What is the holy spirit?
  21. Christianity is simpler
  22. Critical Views on Christian Theology and Science
  23. Did God create man to be evil?
  24. FYI on a site
  25. Jesus Christ lived in India
  27. The Truth about Easter, from a Christian website
  28. Man made in Gods Image of Self
  29. Good News meant for christians not Hindus!
  30. Pimping Jesus
  31. Love/Compassion
  32. Baptist Church planning protests at Virginia Tech students funerals
  33. Purity Ball:Would you pledge your virginity to your father?
  34. God the father
  35. The Forged Origins of The New Testament
  36. Cleaning up your hosue
  37. This is why I am not a Christain
  38. Advaitic messages in Bible
  39. Mother Teresa: Saint or Social Worker or Christian Missionary?
  40. Why the Abrahamic Religions are So Violent
  41. Creation vs Evolution
  42. Christianity's ugly side
  43. Yudhamanyu Discussion
  44. Yudhamanyu discussion on tanget
  45. Jesus Camp
  46. Hindu view of Jesus
  47. The 2nd Coming...
  48. Nada es imposible
  50. Last Supper
  51. a form of "Trinity"
  52. Jesus and a woman by the well
  53. L. Cohen
  54. Extrapolating Christianity--to What End?
  55. Source material for the literal life of Christ
  56. Rebuild the Temple In 3 Days
  57. Christian apologetics towards hinduism
  58. 'Yahweh' Hymns (from the Rgveda)
  59. Christians accuse Hindus of false reconversion efforts
  60. Catholics show appreciation towards Hindu Leader
  61. Orthodox Church of India
  62. Hindu Origins of Judeo-Christian Religion
  63. Comments on Hindu Origins of Judeo-Christian Religion
  64. I and My Father are One
  65. Evangelical Encounter
  66. Please approach christianity from this viewpoint
  67. Hindu Origins of Judeo-Christian Religion - Reloaded
  68. Did Jesus Globe-Trot?
  69. my query on christianity and vedas
  70. death of a Guru
  71. Understanding JC
  72. Namaste, Advice needed
  73. Jesus was mentioned in the Vedic literatures 3000+ years before he appeared in India
  74. A physician medical specialist by profession in practical life; turns purely mythical
  75. Jesus: Son of God or God only metaphorically as per usage of Bible
  76. NTBible does not have both
  77. Jesus The Son or Sun?
  78. Why Catholic use idols and Protestant no ?
  79. BibleGod vs Krishna
  80. The Romani Godess Kali Sara
  81. Immortal soul -absurdities of christian dogma
  82. This guy
  83. Is INDRA the God of the Bible?
  84. Goddess Mariamman and the Virgin Mary - A connection?
  85. Split from Extrapolating Christianity--to What End?
  86. The greatest Gift
  87. message of peace or cheapness?
  88. Christianity is simpler Part-2
  89. "jesus as Junk" --Great Article
  90. Western and Eastern philosophy merged
  91. Biblical basis for christian healing frauds
  92. Reincarnation in Christianity
  93. Malankara Orthodox Church
  94. Disproving Christianity easy as 1,2,3...
  95. The Danger of christian missionaries in India!
  96. Is biblegod pro life?
  97. angels
  98. False Gurus and Organizations in Christianity
  99. nuts
  100. Prasadam is dirty
  101. Christian Inspired me
  102. Parents and ancestor
  103. The Only Begotten..
  104. Is Bible teach about nature preserve ?
  105. born as hermaphrodite
  106. who give birth habel's child ???
  107. Talk with god
  108. Judas and satan
  109. many jesus but Jesus is one
  110. Respect to Humanity
  111. Anger crisis with Jesus
  112. Some curios
  113. Vital Messages from Jesus
  114. Church preacher teaching about Namaste
  115. God Inc. Do not fear the spiritually bankrupt.
  116. Jesus Grave in India
  117. does xtianity have to offer us morality? and why islam says what it does about jesus
  118. Jesus; God-realised or Avatar?
  119. Why all the Missionaries here
  120. Christianity & Me
  121. How do Hindus view Christians and/or Christianity
  122. Dawkins nails the pope
  123. God Breaks?
  124. Nineteenth Century European Imperialism
  125. Bhaivishya Purana and Jesus Christ
  126. Why Hindus should reject Jesus
  127. Christian lies about Hinduism
  128. Christian Evangelist Father Johnson Reveals That India Embraces Christianity
  129. Scare-mongering by missionaries in India
  130. Christian rants about Hindu scriptures
  131. The Goa Inquisition
  132. birth of a religion
  133. Facebook Group helps alleviate Christian Dogmatism while sharing faith
  134. A comparative study between the Bible and the Vedas.
  135. was jesus his grandfather a deva?
  136. In All Things
  137. To Hell And Back
  138. Sacred Heart
  139. Is there anything wrong with being Christian?
  140. The Ideal Christian...
  141. How do you view this ?
  142. taken to the absolute extreme
  143. Would you mind talking about Jesus being sent ONLY for the "lost sheep of israel"?
  144. A Hindu critique of Christianity- Sri Chattampi Swamikal - English Translatlion
  145. Another mis-characterization
  146. Forum for former christians
  147. Virgin Mary
  148. Catholics are crazy to send their kids to monasteries.
  149. Church rejects "We two ours two"
  150. Lookout notice for US evangelists
  151. Man cannot be pure from sin, we need redemption
  152. Hindus worship false Gods
  153. Evidence that it came from India?
  154. The Quotes about Evangelist
  155. Bhagavad Gita Faces Ban in Russia
  156. Apollo and Asclepius Biography
  157. Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest
  158. Techno' Rave Church Service
  159. Indian Americans: Watch out for Rick Santorum!
  160. Help: Christ Risen?
  161. Gnostic Christians the Original Christians
  162. Can you believe in Jesus and be a Hindu?
  163. A perfect example of Christian narrow-mindedness
  164. How Christianity is Ego-Based
  165. Pastor arrested for conversion bid in Bangalore
  166. How Christians prey on your soul
  167. The Word
  168. Sickening Abrahamic Tactics