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  1. Refutation of Dr. Naiks Exposition of Buddhism
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  4. Buddha is starting the battle?
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  12. God is only one proved by Hindu holy books
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  15. what Veda maabharth porana says obut God
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  18. Holy Duty for Muslims to destroy Hindu Temples
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  25. Was Muhammad a Yogi?
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  38. any similar Hindu expressions?
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  40. Interesting
  41. deceptions that muslims produce
  42. Deedat on death bed proud of Zakir Naik for "making minced out of Hindus"
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  44. Moderate Muslims Arise!
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  48. Britain's Muslim schools teaching religious apartheid
  49. Love Jihad
  50. Islam's history in India
  51. Do you love/like/dislike/hate Islam? Why?
  52. discussing the mind and emotion of Allah
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  55. Osama Dead
  56. Stop fussing about the sufis, please
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  58. Syria and Alawite
  59. Zakir Naik: Inventing a Jagadguru
  60. Ka'bah is the center of the world
  61. No such thing as moderate Islam
  62. Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas
  63. A perfect terrorist
  64. Tension grips Kochi city after cow slaughtered inside temple
  65. Hindus target of mullah ire in Pakistan
  66. Official Legal petition for the Prohibition of the Quran in Spain
  67. A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing - Book Review
  68. Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber
  69. "Destroy all churches in the Arabian Peninsula" - Saudi Grand Mufti
  70. Pakistan's deputy attorney general works off Taliban's sins at Delhi gurdwaras
  71. "Talaq said in inebriated state over mobile is valid"
  72. Islam is impossible
  73. Three Hindu traders kidnapped in Pakistan
  74. Quran praising Aryas
  75. Violence engulfs Assam - Religion of Peace (TM) involved
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