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  1. What will be the maximum duration of life for human beings in this Kali-yuga?
  2. Srimad Bhagavatam - A Yogc interpretation
  3. Are these verse authentic?
  4. Nilakantha
  5. Avatara before purana's
  6. What are the most important Shaiva Puranas?
  7. Padma Purana - Story of Ekadasi
  8. Why is Saneeswaran's eye blindfolded?
  9. Siva consumes poison
  10. Puranas according Gunas?
  11. Shiva Maha Purana
  12. Harivamsa - Dutt's translation
  13. what Puranas or books to read about cosmology?
  14. Any instances in Ithihasas when a woman is reborn as a man and vice versa?
  15. Some questions for which I am seeking answers...
  16. Ganga Purana
  17. Why would the Lord delude?
  18. What are they?
  19. Appearance of Shri RAm again and again shows cyclical nature of time
  20. Listen to the Puranas online
  21. Puranas "edited" ?
  22. Brahmanda Purana translated into english in PDF.
  23. Obtaining the Mahapuranas
  24. Shivarahasya Purana
  25. Meaning of second offense in chanting holy name
  26. The (short) Story of Jamadagni Rishi - Both Awesome and Terrifying!
  27. Purana's
  28. Purpose of Puranas and need for repackaging
  29. Learning from the Guru Gita
  30. siva purana in Indoensia
  31. Quotes From Ganesha Gita
  32. Bhavishya Purana
  33. Recommendations for edition of Vishnu Purana?
  34. Translations Of Puranas
  35. orginal bhagwatam??..himadri tells the truth..
  36. Pandavas in the lac palace - a question
  37. Hari Krishna and Forgiveness
  38. Forgiveness of Sins
  39. amshas, gross, and subtle form as per bhAgavata purANa 1.3
  40. Shrimad BhAgvat says... points to ponder about the Supreme Lord and His Creation
  41. Sri Vaishnava commentary on bhAgavatam 1.5.17
  42. bhagavat purana book
  43. Gautami Mahatmya from Brahma Purana
  44. NARASIMHA VS Virabhadra in Siva Purana
  45. Download d most divine commentry on 11th canto of bhagavatam
  46. Srila Prabhupada's Commentarie upon SB.
  47. Excerpts from Dongre Maharaj's BhAgvat TikA
  48. ramayan clarification
  49. Mudgala Purana - Which Version?
  50. SAttvic Versus NirguN
  51. Kapila Gita
  52. Shiva Mahapurana (course), Vishnu Purana (YT - Tamil)
  53. Adi Sankara explains Gopi-Krishna's Divine Play in Bhagavat Purana
  54. River Godavari Maha Pushkara:Once in 144 years (2015)
  55. From reading Ramayana...
  56. Looking for a myth from Kerala
  57. What is Brahmand / Universe ?
  58. Shiva Purana - The head of Rudra
  59. Who is Jaighishavya?
  60. King Indradyumna
  61. Krishna, Rukmini, Shishupala
  62. English complete editions in paper form of Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana