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  1. vegetarianism
  2. Sattvik foods for vegetarians
  3. Is Lord Shiva vegetarian?And the other devas?
  4. Veg meals for the road
  5. Am I reading this right?
  6. Food and what we take in
  7. Veggies
  8. Canines of Interest
  9. Cannibalism in India past....?
  10. Tofu and soy not good enough for God?
  11. Ayurveda
  12. Cheese and milk
  13. How to discover doshas?
  14. Rama, Sita & Lakshmana...
  15. hindu wedding questions
  16. Apastambha sutras
  17. Please help me..........
  18. Are you a Vegetarian?
  20. A book on balanced vegetarian diets.
  21. Glycerin in soap, shaving foam etc
  22. Eggs?
  23. vegetarian Rap
  24. Garlic and onions
  25. View of Western Meateaters
  26. Hindu scriptures give permission to have non-vegetarian food; Claim by a Muslim
  27. Plants have the lowest ability to understand dharma
  28. Are Hindus mostly Vegeratarians? Why?
  29. Meat-Eaters face discrimination
  30. ### eating in india
  31. Have you turned to vegetarianism lately? If yes, please share your thoughts.
  32. Food crisis
  33. Vegetarian - why so?
  34. What to do in this situations?
  35. How strict are you with regards to vegetarianism?
  36. Growing Healthy VEGetebales inside KITCHEN
  37. Question on PRASADAM
  39. Oh men of wisdom --let not KILL her, the sinless inviolate cow.
  40. Eggs
  41. Feeding the mind
  42. Recipe Sharing
  43. Pets, pet food and vegetarianism
  44. A bit too hot!
  45. vegetarian strength?
  46. Help with making authentic south indian food
  47. do you have to be vegetarian to be hindu ?
  48. Vegetarians - would you buy meat for others?
  49. HalwAs Laddoos and Cakes
  50. Why is cows milk not himsa?
  51. SAttvic AhAr : Indian Cuisine Basics
  52. Whaling protest - irony
  53. Shellac (E904)
  54. Advice needed!
  55. It start today
  56. Question about Meat, Alcohol, and Sex
  57. Even Brahamans ate meat before jainism!
  58. Whats the point of fake meat?
  59. Vegitrain Originally in Hinduism
  60. "World's Scariest Foods"
  61. Blue Indian laundry soap - vegetarian?
  62. Vegetarian alternatives making ground?
  63. Video
  64. Gandhi Diet
  65. Would you eat lab-grown meat?
  66. Suggestions sought regarding vegetarianism
  67. Bad effects of the non vegetarian "Diet"
  68. Flavor of LOVE in Culinary
  69. Gaining weight?
  70. Are Silver foils vegetarian
  71. abhyaṅga snānaṁ
  72. A new way
  73. Importance of Omega-3 fatty acids
  74. ahimsa and cows
  75. Nigella ...
  76. Would there be sufficient vegetarian food for all the human race?
  77. Silly things meat eaters say
  78. Tips to give up non-veg
  79. turmeric
  80. Funny responses to meat eaters
  81. Meat is Tamsik, not conducive to Physical or spiritual growth
  82. Good Recipe Books?
  83. Little question on meat eatting
  84. Prasadam: the cure for meat-eating!
  85. Post vegetarian dish pics here!!
  86. Meat eating bad karma?
  87. Vegetarianism and pets?
  88. Moo
  89. The Importance of Cows (Gau) in Hindu Culture
  90. Prasadam
  91. For those with cooking egos
  92. So, what to eat?
  93. Dietary agreements/disagreements in Hinduism
  94. Green Muffins and Purple Jam
  95. Cardamom
  96. Animal abuse in slaughterhouses
  97. Veggie eats meat: Reflections
  98. What did you just eat?
  99. Sugar, salt
  100. Emergence of Indian Fast Food
  101. Milk and cheese alternatives?
  102. My reasons for being a Vegetarian
  103. What kind of junk and poisons are in our food?
  104. Vasant Navratri Vrat
  105. Becoming Vegetarian
  106. Is eating plants a vegetarianism? *if yes then how?*
  107. Eggs?
  108. Mustard oil
  109. Anyone else a fan of sushi?
  110. Rice and Curry
  111. Mock meat considered vegetarian?
  112. Applying Ayurvedic Principles to International Cuisines
  113. Scriptural references supporting Vegetarianism?
  114. A Sattvic Diet I Believe Might Be the Perfect Diet and Why
  115. No violenec & beef in the VEDAS
  116. Is vegetarianism required?
  117. Track my progress towards vegetarianism and overall health
  118. Very Simple Vegetarian Meals
  119. Saag/palak paneer
  120. Effect of consuming non-vegetarian and vegetarian food using the electrosomatographic
  121. Vegetarian equivalent of non-vegetarian foods
  122. Vegetarianism and weaker hair.
  123. Veggie Growth in Malaysia
  124. Why are people still so shocked?
  125. Annoying chilli problem
  126. Kasundi and Religion
  127. Returning to Vegetarianism
  128. Vegetarianism and Diabetes
  129. Onions, garlic and mushrooms, oh my!
  130. Fate of vegetarianism and Hinduism ?
  131. Non-vegetarian Vegetarian products
  132. Egg
  133. Vegetarian foods to eat when you're sick
  134. Chocolate and Vegetarianism
  135. Animal Products in Computers? Cell phones? iPads?
  136. Vegan Travel Belt
  137. Is there a true vegetarian/vegan?
  138. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
  139. Vegetarian Travel Belt
  140. Buying Meat for Others
  141. Vegan Black Metal Chef
  142. Vegetarianism and Medieval Vedanta Traditions
  143. Stem Cell Research
  144. Hi, I do not class myself as Vegetarian!
  145. Vegetarianism and books
  146. Vegetarian Recipes
  147. Vegetarian and Gluten Free
  148. A Guide for Non-Veg to Go Veg?
  150. Medicines
  151. Why cant Hindus eat Egg if it's not living and another question
  152. The Vegetarian
  153. Precautions for converting to vegetarian?
  154. Vegan, Vegetarianism and Ahimsa
  155. Leather, meat and rennet ?
  156. Steps to realizing what is ignorance is natural
  157. Is pateurized milk sattvic?
  158. list of sattvic foods
  159. Vegetarian Recipees Thread?
  160. 5,000 buffaloes slaughtered in Nepal's animal sacrifice ritual
  161. Vegetarianism could lead to finding a soulmate
  162. Are Lotus shoot tamasic?
  163. Was Bhima a Vegetarian.
  164. 150 Billion animals slaughtered worldwide every year
  165. Vegetarian Indian Food Recommendations
  166. Bans?
  167. Trivial issue, but unable to find solution
  168. Greatly desiring to move towards, and eventually become vegetarian.
  169. Raw vegan
  170. Vegan Milk and Desserts
  171. Pets
  172. Can't Remember Name of Food Item
  173. Ayurveda: Meat, Milk, Cheese, and Vegetables
  174. Mahatma Gandhi on Vegetarianism