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10 August 2012, 11:09 PM

Four Gujratis have been very prominent in the history of Independent India. The first two - Gandhi and Jinnah - oversaw the partition of the sub-continent and became the fathers of their respective nations. The third one, the iron man Sardar Patel worked tirelessly to retain whatever dignity was left of Bharat.

The Nizam of Hydrabad chose not to join the Indian Union. In Sep 1948, Sardar Patel annexed it to India through the use of military force. If it was not for the brave course of action taken by him, Bharat would have had an Islamic republic in its midst. This could have had disastrous effects on the nation. A bold radicalized muslim state might have fomented trouble in the neighboring states through its support of the muslim minorities in those states. This could have created unforeseen situations in the area, with some surrounding areas having been ethnically cleansed and doing the Nizam’s bidding. In time these areas could even have become part of the Nizam’s enlarged Hydrabad state. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Sardar Patelji for saving the nation from this calamity.

The fourth one, Narendra Modi has been the modern day champion of Hindu causes. With his single-minded desire to empower the Hindus in Gujrat through economic prosperity, he has pushed forward his agenda of industrialization. Gujratis have never been prouder of their heritage and accomplishments as they are now. The economic miracle engineered by him is simply breathtaking. All this has happened in the backdrop of the numerous efforts of the Jeebus loving federal Govt. trying to besmirch his name through endless inquiries of the Godhra incidents. He must be the only chief executive of a state who is educated, dedicated and not in the business of enriching himself or his clan through the abuse of his power. India would be fortunate to have him as a national leader, but the current mindset of the populace will not permit that. It is our loss that a bright son of the soil will be kept away from leading the nation to newer heights.


11 August 2012, 06:22 PM
I humbly bow down to Sardar Patel. Patriotism is superior to even devotion to god.