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14 August 2012, 01:58 AM
The body weakened during summer gradually gains strength in rainy season. Humid environment weakens the state of digestive fire in this season. In this season, diseases caused by aggravated vata and pitta, and indigestion are common. One should therefore, consume foods that pacify vata and pitta, and stimulate digestive fire.This is rainy season now. In our scriptures, it is termed as Adaankaal. Digestive power remains weak. Windage related problems are on the rise. Pitta starts accumulating in the body. If proper care is not taken, Pitta and Vaat can come together to cause heart attack. One must also take care to avoid constipation during this period.

Wholesome foods: Ginger, garlic, lemon mint, green coriander, dry ginger, carom seeds (Ajawayan), fenugreek, cumin seeds, asafoetida, black pepper, long pepper etc. that stimulate digestive fire should be consumed during this season. Likewise barley, cucumber, sweet-Bottle-Gourd, Sponge gourd, pumpkin, Ridged gourd, rose-apple, papaya, amorphophallus konjac tuber Elephant-foot, ghee of desi cow, sesame seed oil and raisins are good for health in this season.

Pepper, back salt, cumin seeds, coriander and mint added to fresh buttermilk is very useful after lunch. Fasting and moderation in diet are good. Do not take meals at late night.

Unwholesome foods: Heavy, difficult to digest, fried and hot-food items, and food prepared from very fine flour of wheat, horse beans, germinated cereals, cold drinks and ice creams should be avoided. Curd is prohibited in the rainy season. In the month of Shravan i.e. July-August milk and leafy vegetables should be avoided.

To do: Bathing with Ubatan (unguent), massage with oil, light exercise, clean and light clothes are good. Clean the house with Gojharan (cow-urine) or gousewa phenyl and purify the air with dhoop. (incense) manufactured by the ashram for protection from diseases caused by germs multiplying due to humid environment in this season. There should not be puddles around your house because they are breeding places for mosquitoes. Flowers and flower-pots of marigold should be kept in your house and neem leaves googal and dung cakes should be burnt to produce enough smoke. It is natural mosquito repellant.

To avoid: Day-sleeping, keeping awake till late nights, sleeping in open air, excessive labour, heavy muscular exercises, river bath, getting drenched in rain, etc. should be avoided. Wet garments should be changed as soon as possible.

Things to do:
1. To keep the stomach clear, consume 2--2 tablets of Harad Rasayan. This converts food consumed during the entire day into tonic.
2. Live in clear atmosphere and drink clean water at all times.
3. Should consume sweet foods, food with oil content, and ones which rejuvenate the body. In the afternoon meals, it is advised to take lemon, ginger, rock salt, bottle gourd, methi, cucumber, turai, etc.
4. In rainy season, either drink luke warm water or ensure proper cleanliness of drinking water .
5. Due to impact of Vayu(air) in the body, joint pain is a possibility and also increases the risk of paralysis in old age. Consuming fried garlic in meals helps fight against paralysis.
6. Chances of skin diseases, blood disorders, etc. increase during this season. Lemon, ginger, carrots, cucumber etc. are considered very healthy to avoid this.
7. Sun bathing is considered highly beneficial to health in all seasons.
8. Ashwini Mudra - Stop your breath and draw your reproductive region and then do japa of God's name in your mind. This is a beautiful technique to drive away all ailments of this season.

Things to avoid:
1. Hot, deep fired, dry, stale, double roti, biscuits coated with flour, etc. are not healthy for this season. Must also abstain from fast foods.
2. Should not stay awake late in the night in this season.
3. Avoid excessive exercising or work outs.
4. Sleeping under the open sky can be very dangerous.
5. Do not remain on a wet body in this season. If head becomes wet, wipe it out quickly.
6. Do not sleep with wet clothes and never take bath at night.

14 August 2012, 02:36 AM

I have feeling that this is not intentional plagiarism, you are probably not reposting this to gain approval on the forum, but to provide useful information. However, when you do copy paste from another site, please always credit the source.

14 August 2012, 01:41 PM
exactly.who needs approvals BTW & for what?

acchar thode hi dalunga approval ka :D
All HDFers should remain healthy & swasth (swa mein sthit=stay in Self)
& here is the source http://www.ashram.org/HealthyLiving/HealthyLivingDetailedPage/tabid/1793/ArticleId/2513/.aspx

Eastern Mind
14 August 2012, 02:39 PM
Vannakkam Dhyandev: I live where there is no rainy season. Does that mean I will be plagued by chronic poor health? :)

What I really mean to say is that Hinduism is very vast ... geographically, culturally, philosophically, linguistically, and more.

Aum Namasivaya

19 March 2013, 06:01 AM
In rainy season fruits and vegetables like jamun, and apples (of the Kashmiri variety) are available in abundance and one should consume them judiciously.