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14 August 2012, 09:50 PM
Namaste Gaudiya Vaishnav

The Temples section might have been appropriate for this post, which is a video of a Welsh girl describing her visit ("My Hindu Temple Experience") to a Hindu Temple. Actually, more specifically she visited an ISKCON temple, and I think that HK devotees will find this video very interesting, enjoyable even.



Om Namah Sivaya

14 August 2012, 09:53 PM
I want to visit a temple but dont know what to do or expect there.

15 August 2012, 05:11 PM
Namaste Akram

There are many resources on the internet that list Hindu temples by States in the US and the Temples section of this Forum has some information. Though I am not sure what region of the world you live in. If you are hesitant about revealing your general region, that is fine, as said there is the internet, and if you are interested in visiting an ISKCON temple, complete address listings are available for the entire world.

The number of "cultural centers" where the temple is predominately Indian in attendence is large, again you can find them on the internet and call ahead of time before your first visit to inquire about any rules to keep in mind for first time visitors.

If you are not hesitant to reveal you general location, myself and many others can give you some listings.

What you can expect in the visit is that all of your senses, the vision of the eye, the sounds to the ear even touching and tasting (Prashadam in some cases), even your voice perhaps, will all be rushed with color, life, feelings, but your material senses will become doors to non-material spirit and joy, and light and knowledge.

You may encounter others attending who are shy, just as you wil perhaps be - this is normal. And ok. There may be some who will directly approach you, and may have an interest in you simply because you have an interest in Deva and Devi. Be ready to answer some honest replies and share polite feelings - be truthful to explain if you have only began to learn. Ask what would not be proper to do in the temple. Do not be afraid, a lot of spirit will come towards you.

If you go to an ISKCON temple, be prepared to have attendees or even monks very happy to see you and want to show you pictures of Krishna and Chaitanya, they are devotees who love The Lord.


Om Namah Sivaya

17 August 2012, 07:06 PM
Hello ShivaFan,
Thank you for the reply. It is very helpful. One day when krsna allows me I will visit a temple and accept his lordship.