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03 February 2007, 08:41 AM
Hari Om

There is a saying in the Chhandogya Upanishads that , sa kratum kurvita, or he should make the resolve. What is this resolve for us to consider?

Before we start, I would think, and this my perception that most individuals on this HDF has interest in achieving ( unfoldling moksha). Again, this is my opinion, as I have not actually read anyones 'resolve' to consider this (if my assumption is blemishged please respond accordingly). For me it is not an option as I am compelled to pursue this level of existence that brings one to the feet of the Supreme.

So this post is about this kratu. In sanscrit it has meant sacrifice . Yet originally the connotation was one's will, combined with wisdom ( what a beautiful concept). Yet this is a bit drab and does not invoke its full meaning within ones thought-concept… so lets define it more - that is, 'that this is so, not otherwise'. This is not my wisdom, but that of Adi Shankara's on this matter, highlighted by TV Kapali Shastri in his book , The Book Of Lights. This notion that 'this is so…' is one of resolute will and firm faith, but in what? Of what one will become in a future condition. Of what one wants to become, to unfold to , over time. for the sadhu, it is the condition of Moksha, or bhakti, or that of yoga. That is ones spiritual status, while here on this earth. That is of great import to me and why I chose to write and post on Brahman, kaivalya, etc. It is to discuss and comprehend the end state, the condition to pursue, to have the 'firm resolve' to achieve.

It is based on one simple principle, If you do not know where you are going, any road can take you there! Hence one must have a glimpse of the goal in mind, a vision. If one discusses Moksa, or jivan mukti , or Brahman, as a word without content, the mind is left in a void of little nourshment for it to manifest the condition to make that condition so.

Even if one does not achieve this state of Moksa while in ones present personality, 'no effort is ever lost' is the promise of Sri Krsna (BG 2.40).
He also informs us that we have contol over action alone never it’s fruits ( BG2.47) and this suggest that we have the option of setting the conditions for success to take place, but the amount of success is outside our control. And in the final analysis, for Moksha, it comes from the blessings and Grace from Him.

Where does this grace come? We prepare the soil as the sadaka, with resolve and the clear vision of the goal, via ones practice. We remove as many knots ( stresses) that surround the mula-avidya, that surrounds the SELF or Purusha within us. We know those knots , some call coverings or kosha's. This, as I understand it is not conconceptual, but has a physical construct of entanglements within the 'villiage of the senses' the nervous system, and how it operates. Hense, stress reduction is key as is calmness , pointed out by Krsna (BG6.3).

Yet the final knot is cut by tasmin drste parapare, or the perception/intuition/vision if you will, or smrti-lambha of the Supreme., or bhuma atman, the vast SELF. And this vision, is assisted/supported by His Grace. This is pointed out in the Chhandogya Upanisad , To such one Bhagavan Sanatkumara shows the shore beyond ignorance. It is the eternal divine child, born of Brahma's mindstuff ( thought) that is the deliverer of the shore beyond ignorance. Sanat = eternal and kumara one of child, innocence and of divine nature. Perhaps others on HDF can discuss the 4 kumara's?

Sanatkumara, says Adi Shankara, is also Sanatsujata, the divine sage. It is He who breaks the final knot in the heart ( the hardened, well fed and perhaps well protected ego). This Sanatkumara in the Puranas is also known as Skanda, kumara deva-senani, or leader of the army of the devas. And recall, in the Rig Veda , the deva's are there as friends to the rishi/sadhu. Who else do we know says He is Skanda? Sri Krsna in the Gita informs Arjuna 'of the commanders I am Skanda' (BG10.24).
So, from this kratu, a resolve, that 'this is so, not otherwise' that I will achieve my intent, the march to the Supreme.
I am in hopes that for those reading the HDF posts that it assists one on this resolve, to help define the end state, to get a vision or sense of the fullness one desires to become. If this helps even to assist you by one inch, then I have done a part of His work. I invite you to make your posts that move the family-of-man forward , to kratu.

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