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03 September 2012, 01:18 AM

Tonight, driving back home with my family of which the females had spent a couple of hours shopping in Indian Sari shops while I waited in the parked car and read the HDF from my smart phone, the evening drive back home was complimented by a full moon, huge in size and very beautiful.

I mentioned to my wife that some scientists who are interested in seismic, platetechtonic and earthquake forecasting have correlated a possible link between such increase in likely seismic activity and the patterns and cycles of the full moon.

Here in California, this is of interest since we live in dangerous earthquake territory. There is a very popular seismic scientist who I have heard on radio specials and who has a website related to earthquake prediction, James O. Berkland of Glen Ellen, California, a geologist and editor of Syzygy which is an Earthquake Newsletter. National Geogrphic has featured him. He believes the gravitational tugs of the moon, sun, and other planets can influence earthquake activity. As Natgeo has noted, Berkland said he has accurately predicted tremors based on factors such as syzygy.

"Syzygy" refers to the alignment of three celestial objects. Syzygy of the sun, Earth, and moon occur twice a month, at the full and new moons. "At such times, gravitational forces are at a maximum, especially when the bodies are close together", Berkland said.

In Hinduism there are rituals associated with Purnima, the full moon day. South India calls this Pournami and upvaas or fasting is observed on this day by some people which begins at sunrise and ends after sighting the Moon or Chandra, and for some Pournami Vratam is dedicated to Devi. Some temples have special Pujas.

I recall reading something, I believe from Omkara, about a defunct sect of Hinduism that worshipped Chandra as the Supreme.

My Mother-In-Law who is a strict Hindu and observes endless Hindu holy days, blows a conch regularly, follows the calendar events and also fasts and so on, she told me that "a full moon will increase blood pressure".

Some Hindu pandits and priests have linked the full moon to a particular menstural day and female conception, and use this Hindu science to advise as to childbirth.

Lakshmi Puja is celebrated on the full moon night of Kojagari Purnima. The Full Moon does play a role in Hinduism, and perhaps this is an interesting subject for forum members to share insights on?

For example, the full Chandra is linked to Tripura Sundari. This Devi has a temple in Udaipur - The Beautiful of the Triple Cities. She is said to be in the form of a sixteen year old girl and is Parvati. She is associated with the Full Chandra. But I don't know why.


Om Namah Sivaya

Rajeeva lochane poorne,
Poorna chandra vidhayini,
Soubhagyam dehi may nithyam,
Sri Ananda valli namosthute.

Oh Complete goddess with lotus eyes,
Who looks like the full moon,
Please grant me tidings!
Ananda Valli, to you are my salutations.