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08 September 2012, 09:39 PM

Are there Shaivites that worship Ayyappan as well?

He facinates me very much



09 September 2012, 02:45 AM
Namaste Vitani

I am not qualified to answer this question with any depth. But being that no one is volunteering, perhaps a few words as an introduction only may inspire others to clarify.

Lord Shiva with His consort Parvati the father of Ganesha, Murugan (Kartikeya), and Ayyappan (Dharma Sastha).

Sastha was created or born actually by both Shiva and Vishnu, that is Hara and Hari. How this happened? From a general understanding, a female demon called Mahishi requested a boon from Brahma, when requesting that she could not be killed and upon not being given such unless qualified, she requested that she could not be killed or slain except by a child born from two males which was considered impossible. So the boon was granted. Later after Sastha Dharma appeared, circumstance came that Mahishi wanted to marry Sastha or to be His consort. Sastha said He was a Bramacharya and could not do so, but did invite her to join with Him in doing penance so long as no one comes to the Sabari Hills. Some claim Vishnu became Mohini to facilitate the appearance of Sastha Dharma. Some say simply that both are Fathers, and that Sastha Dharma is a union of Shaiva and Vaishnava to create a New Son.

Hara and Hari appear very often together in South India, often together it is said they were Holy Ones of a renown land which includes parts of South India and other parts which are under the ocean. There are various sons of Deva who marry Devis, the Devi who are related to both Shiva and Vishnu in some manner such as sisters from either/or and other examples. The Devi of the renowned Land is typically Green but not always. Sastha Dharma is also associated with Leopard Milk as a cure for a very mysterious disease, and is sometimes seen mounted on a Leopard. The Child (son of Shiva) is often said to project almost an “electric” force when a devotee is in true dharshan and sadhana presence of the Lord Child. There are many mysteries and secrets that are behind this One, which is said can be revealed to devotees and mystics. I do not know any of these mysteries. But if you seem to have a devotion that for reasons calls you to Him, I have no doubt He will answer for you.

As like Muruga, it is said Ayyappan can cause a Bhaka to move from Bhakti to Para Bhakti and even to Parama Bhakti but terminology for this varies. In other words, from devotion, to feelings of separation from direct dharshan, to lastly urgency to see the Lord that one cannot move away from seeing once seen, cannot live without seeing, this leads most typically to renunciation which at that moment is easy to “fall into” simply because there is no time left other than this urgency, and thus no time left for xyz (e.g. other desires).

Yes Shaivas worship Him, not all, but in particular He is famous in South India. Ayyappan is the Malayalam Name for Him, Ayya is Tamil, and Dharma Sastha is Sanskrit. Dharma Shasta is a Powerful One who can implement Dharma, a Royal Person if you will. Ayyappa is The Great Leader, also a Royal Person if you will. It can also mean a hunter perhaps, I may be mistaken.

Again, I have no depth of knowledge in this regard, but I hope that helps to raise your interest even further! Go to the Temple(s) of this Lord one day, you may find your entire answer!

Disclaimer - I use the words "mystery" or "mysteries". That word does not actually translate to intent. But be that said, there are many mysteries awaiting one to discover.

Om Namah Sivaya

Eastern Mind
09 September 2012, 08:12 AM
Vannakam: Yes, some Saivas worship Ayyappan. But also many don't. I don't. As ShivaFan pointed out, he is kind of a mystery.

Best wishes in discovering more.

Aum Namasivaya