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07 October 2012, 12:12 PM
Namaste everyone!

I have become very interested in Mahavidya Tara. She is Maa to me. I thinks she's so beautiful and amazing.

But, I was wondering if it was okay to worship her and become her Bhakta? I know I cannot perform many of the rituals involved in her worship, of course. For instance, I know that the Bija mantras are initiation only. I don't have a guru who can guide me at the moment or who can help me along.

But I love her very much and feel as if she has been calling to me. Would it be okay if I prayed to her? Or, should I pray to another form of Maa, like Parvati or Durga instead?

I hope this made sense!




08 October 2012, 11:34 AM
Namaste Vitani,

I am no authority, only a devotee of Devi who worships Her as Maa Durga,
because that was the name and form She chose to call to me- so please
consider my words as those of a fellow HDF member offering their own
thoughts and experience, and no more than that.

With this in mind, I do not know of any reason why you could not pray
to Maa Tara- if She is Maa to you, if She is calling you, then to my mind
there is a reason for this. If you approach Her with humility, respect, and
with full honesty and love, tell Her what is in your heart, and ask for Her
guidance, protection, and forgiveness for any errors made in seeking Her
blessing, then She will surely answer you far better than I or any other
person ever could.

I wish you the best in your journey.


12 February 2013, 01:03 AM
Sri Matre Namaha.

Namaste Vitani,

I'm a new member to this forum. After going through some of the posts, I'm glad I joined this forum.

What you have been experiencing about Tara Vidya is true. She calls her child in a very suttle and loving manner. You can undoubtedly worship her with true love and affection.

Your post indicates that you still want to confirm if you can worship Tara, hence start with a stotra or nama japa of her for some time say for a few weeks before you actually commence the mantra japa. This will help you to overcome any questions that you have about the bliss that you enjoy when you worship Tara.

I had similar thoughts before stating the worship myself and let me assure you that I enjoyed each and every moment of her worship and Mantra Japa. Her form is so marvelous that I actually felt her presence just after completing the Japa of mere 54000 times.

Contemplate her form while doing the stotra or nama japa or mantra japa as for the Dhyana Sloka.

Once you are sure about taking up her vidya, you can post a question on the forum and I'll be glad to post some more of my experiences and information I have about Tara mata.

Sri Matre Namaha

Kalicharan Tuvij
13 February 2013, 07:15 AM
Dear Vitani
jai Sri Ram!

From experience it can be affirmed here that it is the grace of Mother alone which is the absolute stamp of authority on one's adhyatmic progress.

In RgVeda she is called Mahi, the female equivalent of Savitr (of Gayatri mantra fame). She rules the Rgvedic Rsis' realisation in her five aspects: Bharati, Ila, Dakshina, Sarasvati, and Sarama.

In modern times, Sri Aorobindo found his solace in Mother, who he called Supermind. Or, Jiddu Krishnamurty who used to talk of the same gift, albeit in a still different language.

Mother is Infinity.

In my assumed spiritual name, "Kalicharan" means, in Vedic Rsis' language, "Ila's foot (pada)". Ila is further said to be the Teacher (guru) of the Mankind.

So again namaskar & welcome
From your gurubhai :)