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17 October 2012, 11:49 PM

Om Shree Matre Namaha
Jaya Jagatambe, Hey Maa Durga!
Victory to Ma Durga, the Mother of the World!

Very exciting manifestations of Mother are occurring all over the world! Mother Durga and Her love are resounding all over the world! Endowed with Durga's power, the devotees obtain strength and joy.

I am now hearing the wonderful news that Lakshmi Sri Devi the Wife of Vishnu will soon be fully manifesting Herself upon Her blessed devotees. The excitement is building but first I would recommend all gentlemen to eat coconut laddoos. Please instruct everyone to make coconut laddoos immediately.

Very soon, if not already, Sri Paralakshmi will appear and She is beautiful. The world Welcomes Sri to the earth plane, bringing health and wealth to all those who think of Her during these days of celebration, devotion, meditation and worship.

There is a wonderful meditation to Welcome Sri into full manifestation, thinking of Her as a beautiful girl in yellow garments and chant "Om Shriim Hriim Kleem Shriim Siddha LakshmyaI".

Om Jai Lakshmi Mata, Maiya Jai Lakshmi Mata!
Tumko nis din sevat, Hari, Vishnu Data!
Victory to Lakshmi Sri the Beautiful Goddess!

Someone told me that these are the hours and days when Her Beauty and Prosperity smile on us, and there is good news if you want a renewal of health, the moments to the door that can open await prayers. What difficulties are there to give prayers? None at all!

I know that countless millions also await breathlessly Mother Saraswati Devi. And then there is Durga Puja from 20 to 24 October 2012. I wish I could be in Bengal at the time of Durga Puja!

Happy Navratri 2012!

Om Namah Sivaya

18 October 2012, 04:17 AM
Jai Maa Durga
Jai Maa Maha-sri
Jai Maa Sarasvati

23 October 2012, 12:52 AM
Namaste Shian

You are always a wonderful devotee of the Devas and Devi. This I admire you for. Soon Navratri will be over, but the Gods are always with you. Yes, Jai Mother Durga, Jai Sri Lakshmi, and Jai the Beautiful Saraswati.

Next Durga Puja is here in many parts of the world.

May all aspects of Devi give blessings.

Om Namah Sivaya