View Full Version : Saraswati has Arrived (Navratri 2012)

20 October 2012, 02:34 PM
Namaste Navratri 2012

The Beautiful SrI Lakshmi has been generous in Her bountiful blessings to all devotees.

I have been told that the Majestic Saraswati Devi is now arriving in full and celebrative manifestation of Her love, beauty and Wisdom. This is very exciting news, my personal prayers to Devi Saraswati the Goddess of Wisdom is if She will kindly help me learn Tamil language basics. But She knows what is best, and just Her beloved presence is all any devotee truly wishes for.

I have read Navratri Vijaya Dashami day is coming for the children to be initiated into the world of learning, just see how wonderful She is.

In anticipatio of Her full manifestatio here is a prayer to Her:

Yakundendu Thushara Hara Davalam, Ya shubra vastravrutham,
Ya veena vara danda manditha kara, Ya shwetha padmasana,
Ya brahmachyutha Sankara
prbhruthibhi Daivai sada poojitha,
Saa maam pathu saraswathi bhagawathi Nissesha jadyabaha.

My saluations to Goddess Saraswathi,
Who is while like a Kunda flower,
Who shines like the full moon,
Who carries in her hand a Veena and a stick,
Who is seated on the throne of white Lotus,
Who is worshipped by the holy trinity,
With a prayer to drive away all my idle maya.

Om Namah Sivaya