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29 November 2012, 05:24 PM
I did not see a book section, for reviews or comments on recent titles, so I put this post here.

In 2010 this important book, which surveys spiritual concepts from philosophical, scientific & religious viewpoints was published. It is a valuable two-volume work and is worthy of study.


Theosophy, as in the Pt Loma tradition, permeates this work; it is the dominant keynote. Yet Amerindian, Jain, Mahayana & Vedanta have sections of their own.

For example, the entire work has four major sections - Cycles, Causality, Ecology and in the 2nd volume, Evolution. These headings are 4 of the Seven Jewels that G. Purucker made popular; that is, numbers 1,2,3 & 5 in the definition below.

"Seven Jewels of Wisdom: Theosophical term for seven fundamental teachings explanatory of the universe, its structure, laws, and operations. As enumerated with their Sanskrit names, they are: 1) reimbodiment (punarjanman); 2) the doctrine of consequences, results, or of causes and effects (karma); 3) hierarchies (lokas and talas); 4) individual characteristics involving self-generation or self-becoming (svabhava); 5) evolution and involution (pravritti and nivritti); 6) the two paths (amritayana and pratyekayana); and 7) the knowledge of the divine self and how the One becomes the many (atma-vidya)."