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17 December 2012, 03:47 AM
a small hindi book on " which one is original bhagwat puran/bhagwatam"


" himadri" written by bopdev(jaideva's brother) says srimad bhagwatam was written by him in 12th century. vaishnavas believe this is orginal bhagwatam written by krishna dwaipayan

shakta sect belives that "devi bhagwat puran"is real bhagwat puran written by krishna dwaipayan..

i have used krishna dwaipayan here instead of veda vyasa. bcoz many scriptures were popularized misusing the name of great maharishi veda vyasa.

agar bopdev ne bhagwat puran nahi likha hota to aaj yogeshwar shri krishna ji maharaj ko koi badnaam na kar pata..

there are some stories in bhagwatam which r not there in other purans..for example the cloth stealing story is not there in vishnu n harivansh puran.this incident is imagination by bopdev..

the same thing about orginal bhagwtam was said by many other sanskrit scholars too after years of reserch...few example ...

rishi bankim chandra in his book shri krishna charitra (a reserch of 36 years)

lala lajpat rai in his book yogiraj shri krishna

pandit chamupati ji in his book yogeshwar shri krishna

its better not to say anythign about brhm vaivart puran, bcoz this puran have been spoiled completely by anti hindu elements..this horrible new puran talks so vulgar about yogiraj krishna ji..that it cannot b discussed in civilized society..thats y gita press does not publishes full version of brahm vaivart puran.

swami vivekandnaa said Indians dont understand the value of research on history thats y we dont have proper information about india's history.n thusmany false stories were inposed on krishna.he sais who who will b so bol dot say that raas leela have been imposed on krishna..
referrence- bhagwan shri krishna aur bhagwadgita- ramakrishna math.

this post is for truth seekers. n not for those who are not interested to know how a single interpolation changes the whole info on history.n thus have the misconception that each n everything written in scriptures is all orginal,even after it has been proved by many eastern n western scholars that hindu scriptures have been interpolated many times..

interpolation n adulteration in scriptures is so obvious...not a single one is spared...ramayan, mahabhrat, manu smriti, chanankya neeti, , purans ...

research needs lot of hard work. we need to promote research to find out the real history of our great hero yogiraj shri krishna..bcoz real history is hidden behind interpolated scriptures.

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11 January 2013, 12:09 PM
iven in other puranas.

It is possible that the vaishnava Bhagavatam was authored in the 12th century though.Neither Shankara or Ramanuja mention it in their works,and it is hard to imagine that a vaiahnava acharya would not have quoted the bhagavatam if it existed during his time.

Al Beruni (11th Century CE) mentions the Bhagavatam and describes it as a Purana extolling the virtues of Vasudeva. However, it could still be possible that it was of recent origin during his time - which may be why Ramanuja did not talk about it and Shankara did not know about it.

The Matsya's description of the Bhagavatam is silent on Krishna and appears to be referring to a previous cast of the text.

That in which ample details of duty are described, and which opens with the Gayatri; that in which the death of the Asura Vritra is told, and in which the mortals and immortals of the Saraswata Kalpa, with the events that then happened to them in the world, are related; that, is celebrated as the Bhagavata, and consists of eighteen thousand verses.

I have covered Purana history here -