View Full Version : Kasundi and Religion

18 December 2012, 05:42 PM

Today my wife was telling me about Kasundi, even though she has not made it for me even though I am a big fan of mustard greens which I was discussing at the time. But as a child she ate kasundi which she said is associated with religious ceremony. She said you could not take the kasundi unless you bath and do a religious devotion first. This Kasundi is a paste made from mustard and chillies, black mustard seeds, mustard oil are used and sometimes green or orange mango is put in it, and it is “chunky” looking for a paste and she said it would be brownish or sometimes blackish. This can be put on dal or curry, or even eaten “as is” if made “like a pickle”. The religious part of this is “from the olden days”, so I am curious if anyone knows the religious connotation to kasundi?

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