View Full Version : Talented Elephants play Football in Nepal

29 December 2012, 04:12 PM

Did you all see this? This is breaking news today - Talented elephants play soccer at festival in Nepal. See links below.


"This team of soccer-playing elephants may not be as skillful as their human counterparts, but then again would you try to steal a ball from an elephant? Didnít think so. The kick-around was part of the 9th International Elephant Festival held today in Nepal's Chitwan district, held to highlight the endangered elephants of Nepal and promote local conservation work. Elephants also took part in a 300-meter race (reaching speeds of up to 25 mph), and even a beauty contest. Athletic? Fast? Vain? Maybe these elephants really could be pro soccer players."

David Beckham, move aside! Here come the Elephants who have more brains!

Om Namah Sivaya