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22 February 2007, 03:45 PM
Hari Om

I thought I would round out the conversation from the last post:
http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/showpost.php?p=10633&postcount=1 - What I could do better.

The notion is all about self control - Kriti. Some spell it krti and call it 'volitional effort' . The root is 'kr' or to do. We find it in krta or action, as we find it in karma, and kriya , this 'kr' or action.

This self control has been misunderstood in my humble estimation. When it is not complemented with the SELF, with auyakta ( the Absolute) and with going inwards to experience pure consciousness, it has turned into a chore, and builds stress. That is, trying to tame the senses, yet they are doing what they have been designed to do.
So, what do I mean? This kriti complemented with ones spiritual pursuits, does not mean pressure and undue effort of force on the senses to contol them. That is, the mind spontaneously withdraws from external objects when it finds more delight within in. Within what ? the Silence we find within us. That calmer level within.

Outward things have less and less hold on ones interests and senses. Hence the senses are brought under control in an orderly manner and with little angst. This is the wisdom of the muni's that have understood this and have given the instruction: withdraw, then withdraw from the withdrawal. What does this mean?

Transcend, practice going inwards and experience more silence
After you do this, come back out into activity and act (kriya)Note again in kriya, we have action but with 'kr' , contol... control of the senses. We do this day-in-day-out to build the experience to sustain the silence while in activity. To move calmly within our daily activities - no matter if one is a sanyas or householder, doesn't matter.

Sanatkumara-ji says though practice faith is developed (sraddha); from shraddha , there is mati, the movement to Reality auyakta, (the Absolute). So where there is nishtha (steadfast, or to make the resolve) sraddha is developed, and mati unfolds ( that march to the Absolute).

Hence kriti, or this self control set's the stage... it gives the experience of self-control without beating ourselves up, which brings faith as we experience more silence within and the march to the Divine. Yet we must make the resolve, sa kratum kurvita, to start the process. Perhaps you wish to read more about this resolve?