View Full Version : Heramba Upanishad - English Translation

28 January 2013, 01:28 AM

I am looking for an English translation of the Heramba Upanishad. Sometimes this Upanishad is not counted among the 108, etc., so finding an English translation can be difficult. Heramba (also spelled Herambha) is a form of Ganesha with Panchmookee (Five Heads) and rides on a Lion. In this Form, He is the Protector of the Poor and Weak. The reason I am looking for an English translation is that, I am gathering some information on a holy site in Lanka which Ketu (Kethu) worshiped Lord Shiva. This place is also the site of the ancient "Temple of 1000 Columns" of both Devi and Shiva, where here was located a palace requested by Goddess Parvati for Her two sons Skanda and Heramba to play in, and is located in Lanka. Ravan was involved in this temple, and there is some sort of link to Heramba in all of this, I want to see the English translation to this Upanishad to see if I can find any clues or secrets.

Om Namah Sivaya