View Full Version : Feb 25th 2013 is 'Masi Magam'

21 February 2013, 07:54 PM
The Magham nakshatra in the Tamil month of Masi is celebrated as 'Masi Magam'. 'Theerthavaris' or dips in ocean/sacred tanks is auspicious to be performed on this day. The urchavar idols in temples are taken on procession and given a dip in ocean/sacred tanks. Once in twelve years, when Jupiter is in Leo in the month of Masi and on a Magha nakshatra day, Mahamaham is celebrated.

I'm watching the Tamil spiritual program 'Thapovanam' free for view at www.youtube.com/user/StarVijay. The narrator said they are going to telecast some 'theerthavaris' on Masi Magham day. Let us all get to watch similar shows if we cannot go to the temples and benefit on that day!

23 February 2013, 05:19 PM
On Monday the 25th, 'Thabovanam' http://www.youtube.com/show/thabovanam (Choose 'Browse Videos' to view past programs) will telecast Sri Rama's bathing at Maamallapuram. Sri Rama is from 'PadaVeedu' - a sthala located at Thiruvannamalai district notorious for Arunachaleswara temple. This PadaVeedu sthala is much known for the lives and deeds of Parasurama - his father/mother Jamadagni and Renuka Devi are said to have resided here when the entire episode of Parasurama beheading his mother and bringing back to her life, Jamadagni slayed by Karthaveeryarjuna is said to have happened at this site.

This Padaveedu Rama will bathe in Maamallapuram, where the 'Sthala Sayana Narayana' temple is enshrined. The narrator Sri U.Ve.AnanthaPadmanabachariar said that one should never bathe in sea unless on Amavasya and Pournami days and on special occassions - that sea water should not even touch one's body on other days - the only exception to this rule is said to be the ocean near 'Thirupullani' temple site down in Rameswaram. The other exception to this rule is said to be the Maamallapuram Sthala Sayana Narayana site, the beach near which is said to be 'Ardha Sethu' - one can bathe here anyday. Besides, it is said the main function at this temple (Sthala Sayana Narayana divya desam) is 'Maasi Magam' theerthavari on Monday!

So on Monday, Thabovanam is to telecast Padaveedu Rama's bathing at 'Artha Sethu' Maamallapuram beach and then offered worship at 'Sthala Sayana Narayana' temple.

Devotees of Rama, don't miss it! :)