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02 March 2013, 09:55 PM
This morning Mr Back Ache my latest companion woke me up before I would want to get up. Practically had nothing different to do than what I had been doing these days so got myself ready.

Always took pride in identifying myself as a human. So told to myself that Life is not that bad to fret and fume. Best thing to do is to enjoy the morning breeze, my six sensed mind cleverly advised.

Two stray dogs oblivious to my Intellectual thoughts were playing with each other on the vacant area next to my clean house. I couldn't understand the joy they derived by running around and in ripping the soft toy my kid had abandoned there few days ago.

Lifeless worn out abandoned teddy was reduced to cotton pulp in a matter of minutes. My intellect questioned, how can these senseless animals living on leftovers in the garbage drum derive happiness in doing senseless destructive activity.

Again oblivious to all of my sensible thoughts they continued ripping the toy and playing with the pulp. Enough is enough warned my mind. Looked around and found a stone. After taking the aim, hurt one of them with a bang. Both ran away howling.

To my pleasant surprise the pain that was disturbing me since I got up had almost vanished.

:p :) :p

03 March 2013, 02:08 PM
Honestly, I think you should do some parihara as you offended the vahana of Sri Bhairavar. People most commonly know about crows being the vahana of Saniswara, fear Shani-dev and do not offend crows.

03 March 2013, 06:54 PM
Namaste Anirudh

I perfectly understand the problem of stray dogs in India, or for that matter anywhere in the world including the US, which can not only be a problem but a danger to society, to cleanliness and particularly to chidren or baby cows, goats and birds even.

I know some Hindus consider dogs as dirty, but I love dogs. But I would never have more than one dog in my house or property, I am not telling others not to, just I could not manage them with the love and care they need. Due to my daughter, we have one small dog which I clean regularly and keep everything pure. This little dog teaches me that all animals have a soul, anyone with a dog or bird, or an endowed animal such as cow, knows they have a soul.

But I know a good person who had a problem with a pack of stray dogs in India, and my father told me horror stories after the War of stray dogs n Germany post1945.

In Germany, soldiers had to go into villages or hill stations because packs of stray dogs were attacking elderly, the children, and ohers and eating them. I kid you not. In many areas there was no food, even if rationed, dogs started to be let go, run wild and forming packs, eating animals and yes humans too.

So he, allied soldiers, and other soldiers had to go into the villages, country and particularly in hill stations with rifles to shoot these dogs. Actually, he said the soldiers felt very bad about it, sad after shooting some of these dogs. As horrible as what I am about to say, but in part due to a 40,000 year old relationship between man and dog which is almost symbionic, some soldiers felt more bad and sad about shooting a dog or an animal than a human.

I could tell you even more horrors about ravens, who would take sides in a war or battlefield and "identify" with a certain type of uniform (I kid you not), e.g. one pack of ravens "linked" or binded to a French uniform, another pack to German uniform or helmet, and then they would fly over the "other side" (e.g. enemy) and from the sky they would squawk "down here! the enemy is down here! we see them, they are under our flight down here!" Why would they do such? The ravens were directing the location of where to fire rockets or cannon or armor. And why? Because when the "enemy" was then dead from the rockets, they would swoop in and eat their eye balls of the dead.

This sounds shocking. But such is the nature of the world. As far as ravens are concerned, they are beloved by me. In fact, they are the most intelligent of birds, more intelligent than a parrot. And once they link you, even if a human, or a wolf, or an army, wih "their pack", you are then a member forever. Even if separated and years go by, when you meet again, they remember you.

So even though I know packs of stray dogs are a danger, still I felt sad if the stone hurt it. But that's just me. I guess Hinduism is the reason.

Om Namah Sivaya

05 March 2013, 11:11 AM
Namaste ShivaFanji and Virajaji

Apologize for the delay in reply.

Till this point
Again oblivious to all of my sensible thoughts they continued ripping the toy and playing with the pulp. Enough is enough warned my mind. the incident happened in real.

Remaining part was my imagination. I was trying to convey a subtle message, guess, due to my poor communication, the message was lost.

My next post will be titled as "Am I really a Hindu?" or something similar.