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Who am i
17 March 2013, 09:54 AM

I have created a topic on garuda purana on kali yuga 2 days back.There were few good feedbacks from forum seniors.I replied yesterday for that thread but it is not updated yet.Issue is that there are many updates after that which is visible there and now if moderator approves my post,it will be updated as recent post which will make my post out of sequence and confusing.

I fully agree with rules for verifying the content.But i will be happy if approval takes places quickly.Related to my last update,please reject it as i dont want to be added as someone else has already asked the questions.


17 March 2013, 01:08 PM

When we submit a post, there is an eager anticipation of it appearing in the forum for people to read and respond to. It also gives us a feeling of being involved in the discussions and be part of the group, rather than be a lurker. And those feelings are completely valid and understandable. But what many a newcomer may not realize is that there are no paid full time moderators to pore over everything quickly. It is run by volunteer householders who may have a household to take care of, shovel snow from in front of their houses, keep the household appliances and cars in running order, meet social obligations from the extended family and friends; besides holding full time jobs to pay their bills and to pay for hosting this website. So, a little patience and restraint should be exercised with seeing the posts by new members. As far as getting the posts out of sequence, so far I have not seen that happen. Some posts may have to go through the approval process, but they eventually do show up in the right sequence per their date stamps. Even in the worst case scenario, if everything breaks down and my post does not show up, or is out of sequence, or is mutated somehow; I don't don't think of myself as a sage of the caliber of some of our acharyas that by missing out on my post, some people would miss out on a chance at enlightenment. Relatively speaking, it is all mundane stuff which is rehashed on a daily basis, not some earth shattering divine realizations which would raise the spiritual quotient of this universe. So, relax and enjoy the ride at the 2nd happiest place on earth. If the anxiety level becomes too high, there are always other forums to patronize.


Who am i
17 March 2013, 09:59 PM
Hi Believer Ji

Understood.I fully agree.