View Full Version : Soul Self Enquiry (Atma Vichara) & Yoga

12 April 2013, 08:05 AM
What is the exact difference between processes Yoga (Meditation) & Vichara (Enquiry) .... ?

Sri Ramana Maharishi from Tiruvannamalai is greatest saint/siddha and heard about his holy nature a lot.

I was recently reading an article about Sri Ramana Maharishi where he has enlightened us about the process of Atma Vichara and Atma Jnana and the meditation process... In this it was actually said that Atma Vichara or Self-Enquiry for the Supreme self-knowledge is the ultimate goal of meditation also. But if you can do Atma Vichara without serious meditation practice its also fine... Because His Holiness has explained that if you cannot do Atma Vichara then only you do meditation.... But I usually thought that Dhyana Yoga or meditation is the ultimate process... as its also told in Sri mad Bhagavad Gita.... So initially I was confused and looking for an answer... thats why i posted the posting about Jnana Karma Yoga....

I want to get more guidance in differentiating the processes between Atma Vichara (Soul Self enquiry) and Yoga (Meditation)... are these both one and the same..? process wise is it the same? is the confusing question I have in mind.... Also Jnana Yoga is it closely related to Atma Vichara? as knowledge is the ultimate goal.. Does Jnana yoga involve meditation of any kind?

thank you