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Royal Krsna
16 April 2013, 06:53 AM
Hare Krsna, Hare bol!

We are Krsna conscious devotees, Prahbupada disciples and serve at Radha-Govinda in Brooklyn, New York. We are the founders of Krsna Inc/Krsna Entertainment.

For discussion purposes only, we would like to open up this extraordinary opportunity to devotees to help launch the record label Krsna Entertainment and the band Royal Krsna.

Our ultimate goal is to be top book distributors of Prahbupada books and to open up a Govinda Restaurant...and with Krsna'a blessing, eventually open a very opulent Radha-Govinda Temple Lakshmi Narayan and Yoga Center.

We have awesome show business & musical contacts. We are already a subsidiary of a major entertainment conglomerate that will launch May 1st. We have a 7-song EP project that we need help with immediately for a summer release. We have other offers of Angel Investors, but we would like devotees of Krsna to reap the extraordinary financial benefits we are about to obtain. We want to keep this wealth in the family.

Arjuna and Yamuna,

17 April 2013, 11:17 AM

Dreams foster emotions that at times (over) react emotionally to what is offered as honest advice or opinion. Advice somehow is taken as rejection, and all the entrapments of such feelings that result in misjudgements and missteps, including financial missteps and misappropriation.

In my opinion, this approach to soliciting the "gold coin" of those who actually have such coin for the purpose of the career of a musical band - restaurant conglomeration is not only confusing to investors but when presented without any "sample product" in the pitch often speaks to the investor as the classic marker of a seedy operation entangled with too many competing and emotionally if not despairing characters that instinctively raise flags to the sensibilities of investors who actually have "gold coin" because typically they are not stupid.

This has nothing to do with the fact that we should be detached from the material world and materialism in practice. You do not have to live wealthy to be wealthy, and I hope prosperity to all Hindus because it gives us ability to make change in the world inclusive of consciousness. Gold coin should not be the checker-board pieces of children who do not understand.

In my opinion (a phase frowned upon often as "politically incorrect" within Hindu circles), the better approach you should have made in this pitch would have been productive:

* Your band Royal Krsna should have posted a sample of your musical product on Youtube ... Surely if you have connections to the entertainment industry as implied this simple and inexpensive task would easily be possible.

* You should have then shared this youtube recording of your band in the "Bhakti - Bhajans" section of this forum along with your pitch.

* The bands name is problematic... If someone hears of "Royal Krishna" they will often search for "Royal Krishna" and not "Royal Krsna". I understand that KRSNA is also an authorized spelling, but why bury yourself into the haystack of human error?

This would have been a better, more interesting and best practiced way to attract investors. Also, this approach is the expectation of investors who appreciate less "in your face" approach who expect a product sample. Clarity is also a marker, avoidance of confusing one type of investment (band verse restaurant) with another raises concerns of investors.

Investments are different from donations.

All the best in your endevours if honest.

Hare Krishna.

Om Namah Sivaya