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15 March 2007, 12:31 PM
Hari Om

namaste everyone,
HDF is one year old today! The first post was made on 13 March 2006, at 04:53 PM

Good to hear of year 1, ruled by Moon dasa

A entity ( person, place or thing) that is created , that would be us, has 3 birthdays from a Jyotish perspective:

The date birth day in this case March 13th for HDFthen;
Varshaphal birth - the exact time (and date) that the sun returns to its exact birth location in degrees. Now as one gets older, this time changes due to something called precession of the equinox
Another birth is called Tithi Pravesh - or the time and date when the sun and moon share the same distance from each other e.g. the tithi. Now why the Sun and the moon? They are the ones of creation (Siva and Gaurii, Rama and Sita, etc etc) i.e. they come and unite and make manifest creation, all that there is.
In each case except the date birth, the exact time of birth changes year in and year out. The competent Jyotish can cast a chart on these dates and look to the coming year and See what it holds for the native.

I will assume all of you have had different types of years? Some positive, active, challenging, yes?

This can be viewed from ones Varshapahl chart ( most common) , and Tithi Pravesh ( least practiced yet very appropriate).Dasa periods also can be calculated for the year and gives an indication of what will come to the native (Narayan Dasa) and how the natvive will repsond ( Vimshottari dasa ), etc.pranams,