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15 March 2007, 06:30 PM
Hari Om


I shared a quote from Vashista's Yoga with a friend i.e.

"The enlightened ones call it pure consciousness; the ignorant call it the world." Vashista then says, "this universe is movement of awareness in the Infinite Consciousness, or the Lord".

My friend asks a a very good question...
What role does man have in creating that consciousness? Or does each man experience his own consciousness, thus the reason each man has different wordily experiences.

Here's my stab at his question I thought to share... please add your perspectives and insights on this.

When one has not established the SELF in every day life, then consciousness we 'use' seems individual and unique/localized to each person. Hence we consider society as a bunch of individual consciousnesses running around. According to the wise, this is not what reality really is... it is the expression of the SELF.

Like the sun behind the clouds. One does not have to create the sun, just move the clouds away to have the sun shine through. It was always there. Like that , this SELF is always there. So close and part of us like white on rice... we cannot see the difference.

Now, what do I mean by establishing the SELF? there is only one SELF in the universe, only one. Yet we think there are many. When enlightenment dawns, one trades in this small self for this Large universal SELF. The person then by default drops this me, mine, i, stuff and realizes there is one SELF and one Consciousness, and that person realizes I am that
universal SELF ... This SELF is the fabric of the universe ( the pure quantum field), ubiquitous, fullness, unbounded, and it is Consciousness itself. Hence man does not create it, as much as participates in utilizing it. This conciousness is in animals as they are aware ,and the raw materials for awareness is consciousness. Said another way, Awareness is consciousness we can experience and recognize.

I have met one person that had this experience ( a regular guy, not Maharishi) that experienced this for 4 months. We had great conversations and he tried to explain this 'no boundaries' experience. the One-ness. He kept on trying to say in so many words, there was nothing but me everywhere , there was no two.

This is the 'ignorance' the wise people talk of and ask us to get rid of...that we think there are many beings there is only SELF one Being...the oneness of HIM, that he invites us to join Him... now, this takes grooming. The 'ignorance' is not that one does not know 2+2 = 4, but being devoid of this state of consciousness that affords one to be home no matter where they are, as they are always with the SELF and it is the foundation of life everywhere.

The thing is, one has to experience it; we can say it, understand it, but becoming IT is the key. This is the goal of Meditation - it does not make you enlightened per sae, it creates the condition for clarity of the mind,
and for the SELF to realize itSELF by itSELF. that is how its done say the sages, its discovery of your own SELF in your self. i.e. consciousness aware of itself.

Kinda like say'n holy moley, I am THAT! How could I have missed this? I am all this! The flash of insight comes and you are now associated with this SELF never to go back to me-ness, i-ness, mine-ness again. You now have become the steward of the world.

The wise say it is not an intellectual jump in understanding, but a personal exprerience that is real.