View Full Version : Personal Experiences with Ayurveda Practise.

16 March 2007, 02:49 PM
Namaste !

Do you think it would be appropiate to start a new discussion here about How one applies different remedies or solution from Ayurveda practise into one's own life for any given health issues or sickness.

I know from our Ayurveda studies that we have learn, there is no single solution for any particular problem which would have exact same results for people with different prakruti or doshas...

And so it makes it more interesting to study by personal experiences... for example a cold can be cured with many different ways according to ayurveda.. like take ginger juice with tea or honey... / garlic with turmeric..... / or warm honey with cinnamon... or even western remedies like cold remedy yogi tea or echinacea tea ,etc.

Hari OM !