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16 March 2007, 04:39 PM
Namaste !

Just about a week ago a friend's mother asked me can I suggest some quick asanas for bowel movement. Immediately the thought that came to my mind was there are asanas I am aware to balance the Pitta Dosha or cleansing techniques like Laghoo shankhaprakshalana ,etc. but are there any really some quick series of asanas that while performing you will have to run to the bathroom immediately.

I started to explain her about eating habbits, detox programs, cleansing , regular exercise , metabolism ,etc but she was very stubborn and kept on telling me that few years back in India someone had shown her some asanas and mudras and whenever she had this problem of bowel movement it would always work for her.

Can anyone shred some light on this as even after doing Yoga for more than a year now , I dont remember any asana or mudras that will make you run to bathroom if you have bad stomach , etc.


Hari OM !

16 March 2007, 09:30 PM
Hari Om

Namaste !

I dont remember any asana or mudras that will make you run to bathroom if you have bad stomach , etc.Hari OM !

Namaste Yogsadak,

I know of none, yet excretion is a vata function ( air and space principle). For this, I have used warm milk and a little ghee in the milk, brought to a boil, then rested to cool a bit, but drink warm ( I drink hot). Now , if one is traveling the answer is a Chi Lante from Starbucks, ask for 180 degrees hot for the milk. This works, and you also get 5 more tastes that go with the chi tea. This is key in ayurveda, but that can be for a later time.

One asana I find effective, yet I do not run anywhere, ( per your requirement) but works for me, is parasva halasana. It's your standard halasana ( plough, or your legs over your head, while lying on your back). One supports their lower back with their hands , while in the plough, then move both legs to one side of the body, to the left, rest there, then move to the right. As you will feel, the lower stomach and intestines ger movement with this, stimulating the elimination response.
That and hot milk and you are good to go ( literally!)

Hope this helps...


19 March 2007, 03:42 PM
Namaste Yayjan ,

Good suggestions ! Dont know if the person who asked me can even do a simple halasana... so wont even dare to explain how to do a parasva halasana...

Seems like you know a lot about ayurveda and so .... What with the Milk and Ghee combination... is it that Milk and Ghee increases mucus and this helps a smooth movement which was not possible otherwise... but than I have even heard just a spoonful of castor oil in a warm water makes you run... but still that wont be like a series of "Simple Asanas"

Thanks once again.

Hari OM !