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06 August 2013, 08:54 PM
Following from an earlier thread, I have been consistent in my six month plan to eliminate meat from my diet, and have discussed in great length the hardships incorporated as someone who previously had a 90% meat diet.


scientists have managed to make a burger out of stem cells, growing the muscle tissue in a lab, then adding nutrients to the meat such as protein etc, and they have the ability to add many more that aren't usually in the meat:
Now obviously, the original stem cells used would have been taken from a dead animal, but the animal has died of natural causes, we aren't killing it for its meat, it's more like someone putting a needle in your arm, taking some dna, and growing a bicep for you to consume.

As much as the process sickens me, we are eating a lot of genetically modified vegetables, especially in the west, unless you buy organic most of the food brought in supermarkets has been tampered with or synthetically grown due to the increasing shortage of food on earth:

I'm trying my best to be faithful to Ganesha here, and have stuck rigorously to quitting my meats one month at a time, I am on month two this month, and gave up poultry: however:

Whats the consensus on this? is it acceptable for me to consume this meat? which hasn't murdered any animals, Ganesha wants us to live in harmony with nature. and in every other aspect i do, but i it were possible for me to eat this without destroying my karmic balance, I would.

I would like to know what the general community thinks of this?

07 August 2013, 10:50 AM

Whats the consensus on this?
The only person you should be asking is yourself. Your conscious is more important than the forum consensus. If the spiritual progress has not caught up with your cravings, then you would be punishing yourself by artificially shutting off things. If your senses - smell, taste and visual - crave for meat, natural or stem cell grown, by all means go for it. When you have evolved some more, you would not have the desire for the same, and would not be looking for loopholes (natural grown Vs. stem cell produced) to continue with your old habits. Till then follow the regimen you have set for yourself - giving up one item per month.