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Jasveer jesse pooran
08 September 2013, 02:23 AM
I know by birth we are all devotees
But I really want to join the movement
I chant 16 rounds a day (108 times)
I read all srila prabupada's books
I know what's the hare krishna (I'm well versed)
But now I need to know the process obviously I can't just go to the temple andshout out 'I want to become a hare krishna' so pls help me

10 September 2013, 04:03 AM
Hare KRshNa

I am not a member of ISKCON, but here is all I can suggest:

-- You are very young, and it is wonderful that you are so interested in serving Radha-KRshNa. Have you talked to your parents about this? About joining ISKCON ?

-- Keep going to the temple, but don't neglect school, and continue to study the shAstra on the side.

-- Go to your temple and talk to one of the bramhacharis / sanyasis or mAtAjis if you are a girl. They may direct you to an appropriate councellor. For your age, it would be the youth councellor.

-- Alternatively, ask in the temple office for contact information of councellors, youth programs, youth summer programs. The Temple president's phone number is usually on flyers, boards and such material. Involve your parents in this.

-- Look around on the billboards for any announcements posted.

-- If the Temple is accessible, try to attend Sunday BhAgvatam classes, and stick around for kirtan and get some prasad too.

-- Attend the Bhagvad Gita classes, find out the schedule.

-- Find devotee home programs near your house, this is better in the beginning.

--- By the way you CAN go to the temple and shout "I want to be a Hare KRshNa" :) Just go and stand in front of Radha KRshNa, Gaura-Nitai and tell them.

-- Your parents may know some older devotees who may guide you.

May Radha-KRshNa bless you!

he KRshNA karuNA-sindho, dIna-bandho, jagat-pate
gopesha gopikA-kAnta, rAdhA-kAnta namostute ||

10 September 2013, 05:58 AM

If you are already giving devotion to Krishna, if you already pray to His Name, then congratulations, you are already a devotee! You have already joined the family of devotees who love Hare Krishna.

You are 13 years old, and very brave. But I have to warn you, that though you are brave and have love of Radha and Krishna, there are also adults or even some younger people who are not good people even if they may pretend they are.

You may be lucky and have a Father, or a Mother, or both a Father and Mother. They may be Hindu? If so and if they are Hindu, your Father or your Mother or both may already have some wonderful rites or ceremony of Hinduism for you which I think you will find to be very nice. You do not have to become a temple servant at this time, you may want to listen to your parents. You can still pray to Krishna and also be good to your parents.

If you do not have any parents, there may be someone who is taking care of you. When you are 13 years old, unless there is a temple very close to you where you can easily walk to, you may not be able to walk a short distance to a Krishna temple. It is not safe to go very far by yourself when you are 13 years old. Remember, there are bad people, not just good people. So if you have parents or someone protecting you, you should not go alone. Have your parents or protector take you to the temple, you can ask them.

But you can also make a small temple in your room if you do not want to go far. That is a good idea in some places.

There are many Krishna temples, which are either ISKCON or Gaudiya in South Africa. I can send you a list if you like, here is a list on the internet of ISKCON temples:


Do not tell others your address on the internet, nor your name. Only the city name, but not your address or phone number. It is against the rules, also Prabhupad does not like you to do that.

Joining ISKCON can mean different things. For example, some are given initiation or a name and live in the temple. Some later become priests. In the beginning they are expected to chant the Hare Krishna mantra on Tulsi beads 108 times which is called "one round" and then do this 16 times a day, which I know you said you are already doing that. A temple still needs money to buy food prashad and shelter, the world is full of problems regarding getting food and shelter, so the temple often expects those who live in the temple to not only cut off your hair if you are a boy, or dress in Hindu clothes for girls if you are a girl, but would probably want you to go out and sell Prabhupad's books or other activities to raise money or donations. For those who live in the temple, you must still do a lot of work.

But in some places, parents send their children to Hindu Gurukula or school. I do not know if that is possible for you, if you have parents then you might ask them.

There are also devotees who are 13 or young people, they are already devotees and do not need to live in any temple, but simply love Krishna. They are already joined to Hare Krishna or Gaudiya simply by saying Hare Krishna. That is really the best way for a 13 year old to join in love for Krishna also.

There are some devotees who go to the temple, but are not living in the temple. Everyone loves them as devotees, they are also considered Hare Krishna or Gaudiya. You may visit temples on your day you do not go to school, or also you can have your temple in your room with a murti or Krishna statue or picture.

Reading Prabhupad's books is also one way to read and write.

Again, be careful as not all people are good. Your parebts or protectors can help you when you go out into the outside to visit other places. But you do not have to go far, Krishna can even be in your room also.

Om Namah Sivaya

10 September 2013, 06:44 AM
Namaste ShivaFan

That was good advice.
It did not occur to me even for a second that Jasveer would want to live at the temple. I assumed that was out of question for such a young one :)

Did say you should involve your parents in everything, including choosing the youth councellor.

Oh yes, don't walk/travel to the temple alone, a very good point. The very idea of Jasveer walking alone on a lonely road to the temple gives me anxiety.

Having a councellor is one step more than just attending temple if you want to really be tied to the organization. This applies to mAtAjis as well, young and old as well as children and youth (all non-residents).

Occasionally I have dropped by at the temple, and loved to cut vegetables and similar seva. I would ask for the seva. Once many of us were cutting-sorting vegetables. One mAtAji asked me "You look new here. Do you have a councellor?" I said "Yes, KRshNa is my councellor"
She did not like my answer. So you see, they want to mould people their way.
"Have you taken diksha?" means "have you taken diksha from ISKCON"

The group councellor is not a diksha guru, but trains the "insiders" on the ettiquette expected by the organization. They train their followers to not look anywhere else, not other sampradayas, not even Gaudiya Math.

This is the only thing I see as safely seperating someone like me who just goes there to be with KRshNa (and the kirtan of course), and someone who wants to be a PART of the organization. (Not necessarily live there or do regular seva, but get moulded by them while living in the parents' nest.)


Hare KRshNa

Jasveer jesse pooran
10 September 2013, 07:02 AM
Thanks so much to the both of you for the advice. My mum and dad and i are hindus. I have always loved krishna my nani is a hare krishna so thats why i love the idea of joining
So do you think i should join the organization.... Mum and dad have given me consent and my nani is pleased
Hence do you think i should join

10 September 2013, 07:25 AM
Moreover, the councellor is who you go to with real-life questions, decision-making in a KRshNa-conscious way. You are in the world. You have roles to play, and relationships. School friends, teachers, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbours, community-relations. Plus there is Deity worship, prasadam, kirtan, scripture study, chanting the holy names in the correct consciousness...

So, the councellor is basically a compassionate guide for living a KRshNa-conscious life and apply PrabhupAd's teachings or Gaudiya VaishNav teachings in life and advance spiritually. Like a preparatory stage.

11 September 2013, 01:10 AM
Thanks so much to the both of you for the advice. My mum and dad and i are hindus. I have always loved krishna my nani is a hare krishna so thats why i love the idea of joining
So do you think i should join the organization.... Mum and dad have given me consent and my nani is pleased
Hence do you think i should join
Hare KRshNa, Jasveer, this is awesome. Your nAni can guide you. Did I not say earlier...

-- Your parents may know some older devotees who may guide you.

"Do you think I should join" is not your original question for us, and your heart and mind are already made up - by KRshNa :)
You needed the process and related information. Now you have it, so Haribol!

If nAni lives in your city and attends a temple that you can - and if she can just take you with her, then KRshNa the bhakta-vatsal, and Radha the karuNakurumai have not made a better arrangement for a bhakta than this.

Hari Hari bol

Jasveer jesse pooran
11 September 2013, 12:42 PM
Haribol to uu too :-)

Hii so I'm going join the hare krishna's thanks 4 all d advice...
Thanks again ....
And continue giving seva in giving knowledge

13 September 2013, 02:28 AM
Namaste, jasbeer.

After reading and accepting 'chaitanya charitamrita ' , your mind will surely merge in gaudiya vaishnawism. But before that i advise you to read Upanishads which have word by word accurate translation.

Thank you. Jai shri Krishna.

Jasveer jesse pooran
14 September 2013, 12:42 AM
Yes sure thing ... Once again thanks of all u guys 4 directing me in to the right path with all the knowledge its much appreciated