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16 September 2013, 08:27 PM
I am interested in the differences in the practice and views of Gaudiya and Nimbarki Vaishnavas. I know that Gauidiyas chant the Mahamantra while the Nimbarkis chant the Yugal Mahamanta. Other than that how does the "discipline" and "regulations" of practice differ between these two sampradayas. What are the differences in theological outlook?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

22 September 2013, 06:03 AM

If it helps any, here is information on Nimbarka i.e. KumAr sampradAya.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu took good things (chintamaNi gems ?) from each of the four VaishNav sampradAy

1. From Nimbarka (kumAr sampradAya) - 1) taking shelter of Radha as a way to approach KRshNa 2) Radha-KRshNa lila-seva

2. From Ramanuja (Shri/Lakshmi sampradAya) - 1) dAsya & sharaNAgati - devotion in the mood of servitude, surrender 2) Deity Worship

3. From VishNuswAmi --- Vallabha (rudra sampradAya) - raaga bhakti marga - spontaneous devotion or devotion in attachment, following in footsteps of the Vraja devotees. (Compare with vaidhi bhakti -- worship without attachment or involvement, but following scriptural instructions for puja-vidhi).

4. From MAdhva (bramhA sampradAya) - well He technically inherited this sampraday from Madhavendra Puri and Ishvar Puri, but he picked scripture-presentation and arguments against absolute oneness; ardent servitude; some worship elements.

This way Mahaprabhu GaurAnga (Chaitanya) made a nice package of His GaudIya VaishNav paramparA. It is said He appeared in the dreams of each of these previous acharya and instructed them, giving them some idea of the future.

Hare KRshNa

25 September 2013, 01:46 PM

I would like to mention that Gaudiya vaishnab philosophy which is linked with Mahaprabhu sri chaitanya should not be equated with the philosophy of Gaudiya Math and Mission established by Bhakti Vinod thakur and his son Siddhanta Saraswati and their successor Prabhupada AC Bhakti Vedanta.Many things practised by today's Gaudiya Math are not recommended in the Gaudiya vaishnab philosophy of chaitanya mahaprabhu.

It is not wise to say that chaitanya mahaprabhu only took good things from each of the four vaishnab sampradaya . It means that there are many bad things also in the four vaishnab sampradaya. To speak the truth only Bhaki Vinod Thakur's " Nabadwip Mahatwa" has disclosed that chaitanya took two teachings from each of the four vaishnab sampradaya . I am sorry to say that this view has not been supported anywhere by any vaishnab from Nabadwip.
I do have respect for Gaudiya Math for their tremendous work of making people krishna consciousness around the world but at the same time I can not follow their way of practice of chaitanya mahaprabhu's vaishnab dharma. I appeal not to misunderstand me.

I just want to know when and by whom these four vaishnab sampradaya have been recognized as authority for vaishnab world. No where in Gaudiya vaishnab literature or else it is written that chainaya mahaprabhu has taken any lesson from any of these four vaishnab sampraydays .Gaudiya vaishnab philosophy has been evolved from what Ramanand swarup damodor Rup sanaton Jiva goswami have depicted in their writtings. No one of the above goswamis is said to have been encountered any vaishnab from so called four sampradays. one should observe very carefully the differences of vaishnab practice performed by Gaudiya Math family ( ISKON,Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti etc) and Gaudiya vaishnab in the line of chaitanya mahaprabhu