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27 October 2013, 09:39 AM
Hare KRshNa

Today was the appearance day of Radha kunda - the pond/bathing tank (kunda) manifested by Radha in response to KRshNa's manifesting ShyAm kunda.

All about Radha Kunda and its importance.
(scroll down to read how it came into being.)

No water would spring from Radha's kunda, so the ever compassionate KRshNa asked devatA like VaruN to bless and reside in the kunda with the three holy waters. He did this despite the Gopis' constant criticisms and taunting of His transcendental deeds like destroying the bull demon arishTa.

He always makes Radha win this way. This is the best part. Oh KRshNa!
~ ~

Plus, this is the month of kArtik
a) month of DAmodar (little KRshNa whom Yashoda tied with a rope)
b) month of RAdhA

So, double blessings from Radha and Radha kunda coming your way

mAri hunDi sweekAro mahArAja re sAnwarA giridhAri ~ ...