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28 November 2013, 07:06 AM
Namaste friends,

It appears from references I read on the net, especially from 'Kamakoti Mandali', that Sri Kamakshi Amman at Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, is really not Kamakshi but a form of Kalasamkarshini Kali, an ugra devata who was appeased by Adi Sankaracharya and that her yantra at this temple is not really the Shri Yantra which belongs to Sri Kamakshi Amman.

From a source (http://kamakotimandali.com/srividya/kamakshiparvati.html), it appears that there is 1. Parvathi and 2. Uma. Parvathi is supposedly Sri Raja-Rajeswari and also known as Mula-Kamakshi or 'Adi-Kamakshi'. Uma supposedly is an amsha of this Adi-Kamakshi who did penance to attain Sri Ekambareswara and finally worshiped Sri Adi-Kamakshi and attained Lord Shiva after Adi-Kamakshi blessed her. Adi Kamakshi also gave her own name of 'Kamakshi' to Uma, so there came to be 2 Kamakshis.

So given this understanding some questions arise:

i) Where then one can find temples for Adi-Kamakshi and of Uma?

ii) Is Tripura Sundari same as 'Raja-Rajeswari'? Because Kamakshi is known to be the same as goddess Tripura Sundari and I am not sure whether Kamakshi-Uma is Tripura Sundari or Adi-Kamakshi, the Raja-Rajeswari is Tripura Sundari.

iii) Also, paragraph numbered 2 in the above given source describes about one Mahakameshwara Mithuna. I am not certain what is meant by it from the description given. Does anyone know more?


04 February 2015, 09:23 PM
Hi Viraja

This is very old thread but im replying what i know.

There are 2 temples in knachipuram.One is Kamakshi temple which is famous now.

Another is Kali temple which is back side of Present kamakshi temple near mahakalar temple. This is Kali temple in which Adi Sankara came and installed sri chakra to reduce the ugra of Ambal. In the inner prakara of this temple, there is sannidhi for Adi Kamakshi. Priest of this temple says this is Original Adi Kamakshi.
Some people refuse this story and there are some disputes on this.

Also, sri chakra is present kamakshi temple is installed by Durvasa and this is temple where Kanchi Perivyal used to Worship.So we should worship as per his advice.


10 February 2015, 09:22 PM

Uma oo plus mmm plus aa
OM is aa plus oo plus mmm

Uma is om and om is the supreme.

Uma is the supreme knowledge the supreme refuge and the supreme abode. How then can she perform penance to Her own self? No other name of the mother is closer to Uma. Read Uma sahasram by Ganapati muni and you will understand Her leelas. Just as Krishna is not independent from Narayana and when He worships Narayana He worships his öriginal self" Likewise Uma Haimavati when worships Uma kamakshi worships none but Her own self present in Her own heart. Is it a wonder when it is the same Uma Hemavati who enlightens the gods on the brahmajnana in Kenopanishad?

Duality is indeed the highest source of misery

12 February 2015, 06:33 AM
Thanks, devotee123 ji and karakaji for your replies!