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09 December 2013, 12:14 AM
Govinda Bolo Hari GopAla bolo

Inviting all Newcomers to Hindu Dharma to read this article:

BhAgvat Dharma: A Gracious Way to Discover Your Self (http://walkwithmukunda.blogspot.in/#!/2013/12/bhagvat-dharma-why-shrimad-bhagvat.html)

Although this post is in the VaishNava section for consistency, it is really for and belongs to "New To Hindu Dharma." It is not about a specific sect.

Often, people new to the serious spiritual aspects of Self-Realization via Hindu Dharma are overwhelmed by the various philosophies and sects.

The idea of this blog, Walking With Mukunda (http://walkwithmukunda.blogspot.in/), is to connect with Shri KRshNa the Person, His words and other central scriptural teachings without worrying about the various philosophies of sects, and without too much mental gymnastics and rigorous ashTAnga yoga.

Gentle Mukunda (One Who gives mukti, liberation, i.e. KRshNa) will take you through a gentle journey and you will not even realize that He has taken your ignorance away! You will not even notice getting there! It is like sitting in the airplane eyes closed, arguing you want to get out... but by the time you open your eyes in protest, you have already been high in the air for a good 15 minutes - so says the flight attendant.

Yet, He will nurture your chosen goal, whether it is advaitic oneness with Bramhan' or KRshNa bhakti alone i.e. living with Bramhan'. This is what makes Him our Gentle Mukunda.

Such are the glories of BhAgvat Dharma.

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om namo bhagavate vAsudevAya