View Full Version : The auspicious 'Kaisika Ekadasi' Day - 12/13/13

12 December 2013, 12:04 PM

I came to know about the auspiciousness of Kaisika Ekadasi day since my daughter was born on 'Kaisika Dwadasi'. Tomorrow is this Kaisika Ekadasi day (and day-after-tomorrow 'Kaisika Dwadasi'). A detailed link containing all about Kaisika Ekadasi is found in this link http://vedics.org/index.php/component/k2/item/160-kaisika-ekadesi and one can find information in Tamil, Telugu and English.

Basically a devout vaishnava who has been observing Ekadasi fasting every month for 10 long yrs gets met with a 'rakshasa' that eats humans on the way to his temple on the Dwadasi day, where he sings beautiful hymns in praise of Lord Narayana before ending his fast. On this day, the rakshasa wants to eat him for food, the Vaishnava promises to return back after he has sung to the lord on the Dwadasi day and keeps up with his promise. Astounded rakshasa desists from eating him but asks for just 1 day's worth of merit the Vaishnava earned from observing his meticulous fast which the Vaishnava gives and after earning that, the rakshasa ascends to heaven gloriously as a sinless angel, having attained mukthi.

Those who read this story and the detailed purana on Kaisika Ekadasi day will reap immense spiritual rewards.

(In YT, Dr. D.A.Joseph has wonderful renditions of Kaisika puranam in Tamil).