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29 March 2014, 11:25 AM
Namaste HDF,

Can anyone enlighten me on The Goddess Mangala Chandi please?
All I have thus far is that she was worshipped by Both King Mangal and Lord Mangal.:)

20 April 2014, 06:10 AM
Jai Shri Maa

Thank you so much for showing interest on learning / knowing about Mangla & Chandi.
I request you to knidly read DSS(Durga Sapt Shati) Where you find the explainations.
However, today you are talking about only 2 manifestation Of Maateshwari, HER manifestations are infinite so are HER Names.
Her defferent manifestation comes to our Senses & we take them differently. This is exactly that happend to Shumbha in Chapter 10.
Shumbha thinks & so says "(Refer Chapter 10, couplet-3) to Maateshwari that You think you are very powerful which is not so since you are resorting to OTHER'S(Deities---- manifestation of Maateshwari) power.

To this, Maateshwari responded in the same way. (Refer Chapter 10, couplet-5)
" I alone exist. Whoelse does exist in this universe beside me?
See all these powerful ladies-(Chandi, Kali, Brhmahadi,Vaishnavi,Indira... my manifestations) are finally comming inside me.

So She is ONE & only ONE.

Jai Shree Maa.