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Who am i
19 May 2014, 01:43 AM

Have anybody in this forum got a chance to meet real sadhu or siddha in Himalayas? If so which part of Himalayas host those real sadhus?


24 May 2014, 11:44 AM

When one ascends to a higher level of consciousness, one avoids all kinds of worldly शोर. This word शोर translates to clamor, but it is not just the physical type of noise that the human is isolating oneself from. It includes all mundane human activity - interacting with common people, work/finance, relationships, accomplishments in the physical world etc. Essentially, the person lives in this world but is totally detached from it. Their survival essentials may come from some local villagers or stray pilgrims. They have no desire to meet a novice who thinks he wants to see/meet an exalted soul, just like they have no desire to interact with others. A common person cannot set out to see the president of the US; one must climb to a certain political/diplomatic/donor/achievement level before one would get an audience with him and have anything meaningful to converse about. Similarly, one has to climb to a certain level of consciousness/spirituality before meeting a sadhu in the Himalayas would have any real meaning. It is not like seeing a caged animal in a zoo. And, they don't congregate in a certain corner of the range. They live like hermits by the streams, away from शोर of all kinds and the life is spent in meditation and contemplation. I have not personally seen or met one, since I have never strayed far from the beaten paths, but they are out there. One must not disturb them unless one has gotten to a level where one is capable of being at a wavelength whereby one could understand the wisdom in a few words that a sadhu might utter during the visit. They don't run any ashrams or conduct seminars/retreats, but may entertain someone who is at, or close to their spiritual level. Of course all this is factual based on my opinions. So, accept it or reject it per your version of facts based on your opinions/understanding.;) Discovery of self does not start with visiting or trying to befriend a sadhu!


Eastern Mind
24 May 2014, 12:28 PM
Vannakkam Believer: I've always wondered how they stay warm. Maybe some siddhis?

Since you're a world traveller, are you hinting at your next trip?

Aum Namasivaya

24 May 2014, 03:25 PM

I've always wondered how they stay warm. Maybe some siddhis
We tend to transpose our experiences of our world on others. I believe, they dull their senses and are not too prone to the pain (due to the elements, hunger or other causes) to the degree you and I are. They bathe everyday in the freezing cold waters of the nearby streams in the upper reaches of the mountains without getting hypothermia or suffering from any of the other dreaded things. Being warm or cold are relative terms applicable in our domain more than to the type of life that they lead.


24 May 2014, 03:41 PM

There is a yogi who lives in the Himalayas and claims to be a siddha yogi.

His name is Kaulantak Nath and he has a website and several videos on youtube.

He also appears on Indian television talking about sadhanas and vrats.

His website is www.kaulantakpeeth.org

Eastern Mind
24 May 2014, 03:53 PM

We tend to transpose our experiences of our world on others. Being warm or cold are relative terms applicable in our domain more than to the type of life that they lead.


Vannakkam: Indeed we do. I used to marvel at the walking pilgrims of South India. 200 km over 7 days in +33 temperature on hot pavement.

Then I got this explanation: `But they`re used to it.`

So yes, you`re right.

Aum Namasivaya

08 June 2014, 10:08 PM
Dear friends ,
I am given to understand that Hypothelamus has certain neurotransmitters which can control the instincts such as hunger , cold , heat ,and others by concentrating on those points through Pranayama. Any yogi , if not of Himalayas , atl east in the yogapath in our mundane world can enlighten us on this issue . I don't claim to be of that order , but after coming to know of this information , tried to concentrate on that point through Pranayama in freezing cold of Holland in December . I have to admit that the statement has certain validity , in as much as , I never wore any winter clothing for a period of three months in that place to the surprise of all around me . I don't know whether it is because of pranayama or due to any other strange unknown factor . I have been in the look out for a yogi who can clarify this point .Since I don't have any faith on the gurus of ashrams of fivestar culture I have put this request in this forum . rgds.