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09 April 2007, 12:33 AM
Definitions starting with the letter: D

08 July 2007, 04:21 AM

dharman (m.) means “bearer, supporter, or arranger”.

dharman (n.) means “support, prop, or hold”, particularly indicating “the established order of things” or “steadfast decree” (especially of Mitra-Varuna ), and more generally “any arrangement or disposition”, “will or pleasure”, “law, rule, or duty”, or “practice, custom, mode, or manner”.

dharma (m.) indicates “that which is established or firm, steadfast decree, statute, ordinance, law, usage, practice, customary observance or prescribed conduct, duty, right, justice (often as a synonym of punishment), virtue, morality, religion, religious merit, or good”. And dharma is “Law or Justice personified”.

dharma also indicates “nature, character, peculiar condition or essential quality, property, mark, or peculiarity”, and in this sense it is equivalent with sva-bhAva.

And dharma may be “sacrifice, associating with the virtuous, religious abstraction, or devotion”.