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04 June 2014, 02:06 AM
It’s always a choice whether one wants to stay a meat eater or become a vegetarian or a vegan, we are all endowed with that choice alone. All humans house animal qualities within, to help in eradicating these low qualities and purify the mind one must give up the eating of “meat.” The vibration of the animal is in this type of food and it does affect the mind as well as hinders our progression. But again it does come down to one’s personal choice. If we are wanting to make progress then I suggest you meditate on looking into the reason of (why) one should avoid the eating of meat.

Also don’t forget the words of Jesus and other great Ones who came to teach humanity that “The Body Of Man Is The Temple Of God.” If we are wanting to come closer to God by offering worship to Him, and we know that God resides in the temple of our body, then why would anyone want to dirty it by being disrespectful through the wrong types of food and drink. In hindsight it’s because meat eaters have been conditioned in doing so. This is how we have been brought up in not knowing any better.

Only when God witnesses man taking the rightful steps towards keeping the body temple clean (within), and offering worship to Him through meditation, prayer and by doing good towards others will God then reveal Himself - and lead that one quicker along the path to Realising his True-Self. I know some who are vegetarians and when I ask them their reason why they became vegetarians, they usually respond by giving all the wrong reasons.
I have always felt a disappointment when hearing this. You see, I am always waiting to hear the right reasons as this would then lead into higher talks. The majority of people will learn one day that animals also have their own karma to live, and that they like us “evolve.” The same for all living things, even the earth herself evolves, she goes through different ages (yuga’s).
If and when one is serious about wanting to tread the spiritual path and come closer to God, one will in time discover through meditation the “truth” of all life and the purpose it holds.

But please don’t get me wrong I once myself was a meat eater. It’s just that one day we will be enlightened with this truth, and when it dawns we will see it as plain as the nose on our face along with many other truths as well. This is our destiny, this is what happens when we begin to evolve, we become more spiritually attuned with life here and the other. We start to discover things of truth, but we should never leave it there, we must “act” upon it, only by acting upon it will we then start to make headway, our journey along the path is then quickened through God’s grace. We then find ourselves coming closer and closer to God. Its only when we start to put a little effort into bettering ourselves that God then starts to lead us towards the discovery of many truths.

We begin to understand things with greater clarity than ever before, and sometimes it really shakes us violently from the inside out only because it clashes with what we always took to be true. Many will not tolerate a truth other than their own, it’s because the foundations of their own belief structures are in threat of either being harmed or even destroyed. Structures which they have depended on for so long and have taken to always be the truth.
What fights in holding on is the (ego,) it won’t let loose of old things old ways. Wipe the sleep from yours eye’s (the World) and behold all things will be revealed. The truth will then unravel itself before you. You see, “in truth there is really only one truth, all the others a just stepping stones leading one to the discovery of the One-Real-Truth, that which is God.

So, if anyone eats meat, it’s their choice and that should not be disrespected. What should be questioned though is how the animals are treated. There is (NO) love or spirituality in causing suffering to animals no matter what. The suffering one causes to any living thing is a vile act against God Himself, and great karma will be reaped. For plant life this is a different matter altogether, plants are not “Aware,” animals are.