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13 July 2014, 04:50 AM
Greetings my friends!

This is my first post on this forum. I am 26 years of age and I humble from the mid-east coast of Australia.

I am curious as to what is the most accurate translation of the Maha Mantra ?

I encourage all opinions that any one may have.


Samraat Bhismadeva Maurya
13 July 2014, 06:09 PM
Hari Bol!
All glories to Sri Guru and Gaurnaga

Pranam Aiban and welcome to the forum.
I also come from Australia, but from Victoria, east coast, that's Queensland is it not?

AFAIK, the mahmantra is the incarnation of Sri Radha-Krishna in the form of transcendental sound, anyway, the mahamantra literally translates from

"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare"


"Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe Radhe Rama Radhe Rama Rama Rama Radhe Radhe"

You are calling out for Hare; Consort to Hari, Krishna; Hari (Supreme lord) and Rama; One who gives pleasure to Radha

Metaphorically, it would translate to "Radhe, Krishna and Rama, please engage me in your service, so that i may leave the service of maya"

Please forgive my mistakes and feel free to inform me if i have made any

Thank you for reading,

Jai Sri Radhe-Syam

15 July 2014, 04:35 AM
"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare"

You are calling out for Hare; Consort to Hari, Krishna and Rama; One who gives pleasure to Radhe


According to my belief, Hare Krishna is not actually Mantra. It's Nama-Japa and this Japa are just repetitive chanting Bhagavan Rama and Bhagavan Krusna's Nama. There's no specific meaning to it.

Now, we'll see the effect of this Mantra.

Hare Rama Hare Krushna mantra is found in Kali-Sanatarana Upanishada. There it is said that by chanting these name Jiva's 16 Avarana [Envelopments] gets vanished by 16 words of this Mantra and thereafter Brahman alone shines in its completeness, the self becomes Brahman.

16 Avarana are discussed in Prashna Upanishada.

PrAna = life force, Shraddha = faith, kham = ether, VAyu = air, Jyoti = fire/light, Apah = water, Pruthwi= earth,Indriyaha = sense organs, Manah= mind, Annam = the sheath comprised of the food eaten, Viryam = vital energy, Tapah = Knowledge, Mantrah = sonic power, karma = actions and their reactions, lokah = the realms of existence, and NAma = Individuation.

Now we'll look according Prashna Upanishada.

"He created Prana; from Prana (He created) faith, space, air, fire, water, earth, organs, mind, food; from food (He created) vigour, self-control, mantras, rites, worlds and name in the worlds." VI-4

"The illustration is this: Just as these flowing rivers that have the sea as their goal, get absorbed after reaching the sea, and their names and forms are destroyed, and they are called merely the sea, so also these sixteen parts (i.e. constituents) of the all-seeing Purusha, that have Purusha as their goal, disappear on reaching Purusha, when their names and forms are destroyed and they are simply called Purusha. Such a man of realisation becomes free from the parts and is immortal. On this point there occurs this verse" VI-5

Thus ultimately Even as Rivers gets united with Sea, Jiva, after annihilation of Sixteen Kala, becomes Brahman itself, it unites with Brahman. Only the sea remains in the end ie Brahman alone shines and that's the self-realisation. "Aham Brahmasmi"

Kali-Sanatarana upanishada too says the same thing: "These sixteen names destroy the 16 envelopments(kala) in which the jiva is enveloped (avarana). Then like the Sun which shines forth once the clouds are dispersed, Parabrahman alone radiates forth. " No jiva No world No Maya

16 July 2014, 08:43 PM
Of the names only Rama is considered a mantra as it has the para shakti beeja "ma" in it.
The rest are Bhagavans names.
If you want to hear the most baseline/kindergarten standard meaning of the mantra it is "hare meaning energy so mahamantra is addressing "internal" energy of lord who is krishna and rama"

If you want to know the real meaning let me brief it up

Hare: This word is derived from Hari plus a
a represents the jnana brahman the knowledge aspect of Hari
Now Hari itself is derived from Ha ra eee
Ha is the akasha the ethereal space which stores the universal karma/ it is the sound for vishuddhi chakra
Ra is the power of the enlightenment the supreme fire. ee is the shakti beeja the power of motion
Hari is also derived from Hri which indicates Hrit chakra the spiritual recess in the heart where the Paramatma Narayana lives as a witness
Chanting Hare or Hari or Harim removes the miseries/sorrows of the heart

Rama: Some say There are two prime mantras in hinduism
Om namah shivaya
Om namo narayanaya
there is one letter in each without which the whole mantra becomes futile and fruitless. Ma in om namah shivaya and Ra in om namo narayanaya
SO when you add these two it becomes Rama. Rama the supreme Brahman representing the essence of both Shiva and Narayana

Ramante yoginonante satyanande chidatmani
Rama word indicates the absolute truth the chit of the supreme soul that bestows eternal joy to the mind of the yogis

Ra is the beeja for manipura chakra
Ma is the beeja for ajna chakra
You open all the chakras when you gradually recite this Nama which is the fire of kundalini which nourishes all the chakras

Ra is fire Ma is shakti Rama thus represents the supreme sun where the essential fire maintains the entire universe with its shakti

Ka is first of the consonants in Sanskrit alphabets. It represents the karya brahman or god in action. when you add agni beeja ra to it it becomes the supreme ruler
So Kri represents Kriya shakti the power of work and action that maintains the cosmos
It is the supreme beeja for yoga and Kali the goddess who is associated with Krishna as His Maya represents Kri
Sh is the root word for auspiciousness. Shankara is one who bestows sham. this sh word is the root for mahalakshmi shree devi the goddess of nourishment.
When added to Kri it becomes Krish representing Kriya and aishwarya the power and maintaining aspects of the lord
Na indicates destruction of rebirth

Krs also means earth the field of attraction and na indicates the ascent of the souls. so krishna is where all souls go once they leave their karmic attachments