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20 July 2014, 01:16 PM
Namaste everyone
I would love to get inputs from all the shaktas here about the great goddess tripura bhairavi.
It is said that we can never experience the bliss of Tripura Sundari unless we go through the fire of Tripura Bhairavi.
Unlike Sundari who dwells in the upper chakras Tripura Bhairavi dwells in the lower chakras.
She is just the transformative aspect of Sundari.
It is said bhairavi word comes from bha bharana(sustenance) ra ramana(transformation) and va vamana(Creation)
Her mantra seers are Brahma Vishnu and Maheshwara and the presiding deities are Mahasaraswati Mahalakshmi and Mahakali.
She presides over the three aspects of iccha kriya and jnana shaktis.
Her mantra is said to destroy the nine impediments of the mind and raise the kundalini energy faster so we could go ahead with our worship of Sundari.
She represents Paravaak or the supreme vaak
Her mantra is a transformation of the common Sundari mantra Aim Kleem Sauh which becomes Hasraim Hasklreem Hasrauh
When prana sound Ha shakti sound Sa and agni sound Ra are added the same aim kleem souh becomes curse free and will deliver its function

It is said that Sundari mantra like any other mantra including gayatri mantra is cursed with ineffectiveness and the curse removal is by chanting Bhairavi mantra a 100 times.

I personally started the Tripura Bhairavi mantra everyday in the morning and i never felt drowsy or sleepy the whole day and also i stopped my coffee intake totally.
I was looking for the Tripura Bhairavi stava raja in sanskrit but all i got was the english translation of it. Does anyone have the sanskrit version of it?

Bhairavistotra = Hymns to Bhairavi.
1. I worship You, O Tripura, to receive the fruit of my desires. By chanting hymns men gain that Lakshmi, who is the object of worship of the Devas. 2. You are the origin of the world and yet you yourself have no origin, though there are hundred hymns honoring you. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesvara do not know you, who is the Mother of all Sastras. We worship your shining breasts smeared with saffron. 3. O Tripura, we adore you. Your body is radiant with the effulgence of a thousand risen suns. You hold in your two hands a book (knowledge) and a rosary of Rudraksa beads. Your other two hands grant boons and dispel fear. Your Lotus face shines with three Lotus eyes. Your neck is beautiful with a Rudraksha necklace. She holds two hands in Abhaya Mudra and Vara Mudra. Abhaya = no fear. Vara = boon or blessing. 4. O Mother, how could the doubting and disputing ignoramuses know your form which is reachable only by Punyam (merit) accumulated in previous birth, which is ravishing with the overlay of vermilion and which bends from the heavy weight of your breasts? 5. O Bhavani (Consort of Bhava) Munis know and describe thy physical form; the Sruti speaks of your subtle form; others call you the presiding deity of speech; still others call you the origin of the universe; We know You are the Ocean of Mercy.
6. Votaries meditate you in their heart as three-eyed Devi with the bright autumnal crescent moon. Her substance is made of fifty letters (without which there is no Vrtti, evolution of Tattvas) and hence she is called MAtrakAmayi. She holds in her hands a book, a rosary and a pot of Amrta (nectar); She poses with her Vyakhya Mudra. 7. O Tripura, You are Sambhu conjoined with Parvati (Adhanarisvara or Androgynous god, ARDHANARISVARA (http://www.bhagavadgitausa.com/HE-SHE-ANDROGYNY-NATARAJA.htm)). You are Vishnu embraced by Kamala (Lakshmi). You are Brahma born of the Lotus. You are presiding and purveying deity of speech. You are the essence or the energy of all deities. 8. I have taken refuge with your four BhAvas, ParA and others, originating from VAgbhava. I will never forget in my heart You the supreme Devata whose (SacchinmAyI) substance is Sat and Chit (existence and intelligence). Your BhAva in the forms of letters expresses in the throat and other organs.
9. The Blessed, conquering their six enemies (KAma--lust, krodha--anger, lobha--greed, moha--delusion, mada--pride, and mAtsaryA--envy, and performing retention of breath in the practice of Pranayama, fix their gaze on the tip of the nose with steady mind and meditate in their head your moon-crested form (Sakti of Siva), effulgent as the sun at dawn. 10. The Vedas assert that you created the world, having taken the other half of the body of the enemy of KAma (Androgynous form--one half is male (Siva) and the other half is female (Parvati). Is it true, O Daughter of the mountain and the only Mother Goddess of the world, the variegated universe would not have been so, if it were not (for you)? 11. The Siddha women (inhabiting the Bhuva, atmospheric region) with eyes red from imbibing wine in the company of Kinnaras (Devayonis, celestial spirits) worship you sitting in your shrine in the caves of Mount Sumeru with flowers from celestial trees and sing your praises. 12. I worship you in my heart Devi whose body became wet with the nectar, who looks beautiful as the splendor of lightning and who makes all lotuses blossom on the beautiful path going from her abode to that of Siva.

20 July 2014, 08:15 PM

It is said that Sundari mantra like any other mantra including gayatri mantra is cursed with ineffectiveness and the curse removal is by chanting Bhairavi mantra a 100 times.


I'm not initiated into Sri Vidya,so I do not know Ji.
Could you explain about the curse mentioned above?

20 July 2014, 09:07 PM

I'm not initiated into Sri Vidya,so I do not know Ji.
Could you explain about the curse mentioned above?

The famous Bala Sundari mantra is cursed by Devi Herself for the fear of misuse. It is the famous mantra Aim Kleem Sauh. It is said without chanting the Tripura Bhairavi mantra hsraim hsklreem hsrauh 100 times the curse wont be removed. The seer of the transformed mantra is Dakshinamurti.
Or else there is one more method you can make the mantra curse free.
By chanting the nine letter mantra om aim kleem sauh sauh kleem aim aim kleem sauh.

Gayatri mantra is also cursed. So before chanting every round 3 times of the following should be done
1)Om gayatreem bhajaami agnimukheem vishvagarbha yadudbhava devaashvatriktre vishvashrusteem taam kalyaaneem ishtakareem prapadhye yannmukhaanihsrtokhilavedagarbhaha

20 July 2014, 11:21 PM

This may seem somewhat cryptic to some, but hopefully reflection
will increase clarity- fellow Shaktas will likely have less trouble.

Her flame allows no shadows- one's closest enemy has nowhere to hide.
No sprout, no leaf, no flower, without first a root.
Ashes are the bed, before rising toward the sun.