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markandeya 108 dasa
11 August 2014, 05:54 AM


I find this video very interesting. For a while I do not wish to make any comments but rather ask members what they think is the subconscious according to Vedic tradition, and which teachings do you think deal with this specifically.



11 August 2014, 10:42 AM

First of all, I believe that everything is consciousness.

What we call the "subconscious" would be that part of or mind that is conscious, but 'obfuscated' by those aspects of mind that fall within the field of self-reflection (i.e. the ego) and become thereby amplified: The things that we know that we know ... that we know.

The 'unconscious' contents are fundamentally identical to conscious contents -- identical in nature -- but the latter, because of being amplified by a higher degree of self-reflection, obfuscate the former. So the dichotomy is an illusion. It's only the ego that mistakes a lower degree of self-reflection for unconsciousness. From the point of view of the ego, something that you are aware of, but not aware that you are aware of, is just as good as something that you simply aren't aware of at all.

If I would choose an vedic term equivalente to what we call the "subconscious", it would be "Hiranyagarbha", the cosmic mind. Our individual minds would be the result of the arising of self-reflections on that field of pure consciousness of the Hiranyagarbha.


markandeya 108 dasa
11 August 2014, 02:05 PM

Thank you Ekam,

I agree, everything is conscious or a result of consciousness, neither can be independent from one another. So your right everything is consciousness. Deep subject, not easy to fit in a capsule :)

I watched the video 3 times, and it is a very tricky question. Perhaps the subconscious can be called potential, a store house of potential, and consciousness is manifesting this potential due to its particular function.

For example we only use a portion of our subconscious to sleep, because the function is limited. The functions that we use in the day time, like walking, running, talking, typing, eating cooking and things we take for granted are actual potentials of subconsciousness manifesting in consciousness. So at this time the pool of the subconscious mind is very different to our normal consciousness, so at this point in maya, who is controlling who???

Hiranyagarbha, is very interesting, cosmic mind, or universal mind, would you consider this as all pervasive mind. This type of Mind must also be all pervasive and the store house of all phenomenal potentials. But I doubt these scientist are aware of that and consider everything as stored in the physical brain powered by the nervous system, how mundane ......

Mind phenomena storehouse is infinite, and we are only conscious of those in parts. At least while we are still covered by maya. Its an interesting notion to think about when one has attained to the perfection of Brahman, would one become fully aware of all the potentials of this pool the Hiranyagarbha. I know in Buddhism they speak of vast and almost unlimited mind potentials but still all of that is incomparable to emptiness. The Buddha himself according to Theravada was a master of all 9 jhana states, but this was not full Buddha, the awakened state, but they are positive mind phenomena that leads to the end.



12 August 2014, 01:15 AM
Namaste markandeya 108 dasa,

I have not yet watched the documentary that you have linked; it would seem that it is not viewable from France.

Here are some thoughts upon the subconscious mind that I have learned, please excuse my lack of reference to shastra I am still accumulating and digesting for my better understanding this divine knowledge, as such the names and such details have not yet stuck in my mind:

If manas is a lake or pool of water and our thoughts the waves upon that lake, though which we might see, the subconscious mind is the long wavelength vibrations or waves which leave only a gently swaying of perception and do not disturb to such an extent as the short busy wavelengths; the extent of ones view.

Everything emanates from sound and sound vibration, these vibrations occur through out the entire range of tattva, thus it is upon the infinite boundary between prakriti and puruṣa that manas, buddhih and ahamkara reside.
From our physical point of view "I ness", The subconscious mind connects us between mental space and superconscious space, by way of the subconcious mind. Supraconscious mind is universal, thus at ever increasingly deeper levels we connect to that infinite boundary between prakriti and puruṣa; An infinity upon and within which we all reside.

As such there are thus 5 levels of consciousness explained in Jyotish shastra.
physical; mental; subconscious; superconcious; supraconsious.

physical - what we think we are due to our physical manifestation
mental - what we are in our minds.
subconscious - Our connection of physical to mental, through the beating our heart and indrias, the world about us our pier group etc.
superconcious - our matriarchal and patriarchal lineage.
supraconsious - our connection with the universe.

I am mixing a little the schools of thought here, but I am still working upon my firm understanding of each model.

Looks to be an interesting documentary; I shall look for another link to watch it.

Kind regards.

markandeya 108 dasa
12 August 2014, 02:32 AM
Pranams Manas,

Thank you for your post.

Try this link




12 August 2014, 02:16 PM
Namaste Md,

Why not write "do not disturb" or "sushhh I'm sleeping" upon the blank page?

Now a rsi would surly write an Upanishad on a page that is 1/8th the size of that one, suggesting the rest be unknowable to boot; I suppose this is to be seen as progress, in kaliyug.

thanks for posting,

Kind regards.