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22 August 2014, 08:43 AM
Hello friends
I am Minakshi from Pune, by profession i am a gym trainer, actually I want to learn yoga and start teaching in my gym. But I am confused where to learn yoga, I want to learn yoga from a reputed and genuine yoga center in India. One of my student suggests me to get yoga certification from Arhanta Yoga Ashram, Khajuraho, India. It is a registered yoga school from international yoga alliance. But I have never been Khajuraho and don’t know about the authenticity of this yoga school, I have only visited its website http://www.arhantayogaindia.com. Please suggest me which school is the best to learn yoga, my budget is good.

22 August 2014, 08:01 PM
hariḥ oṁ
minakshijain writes,

I want to learn yoga and start teaching in my gym.

This is a noble request. So, one needs to be aware of this yoga from a few angles . One is how its defined classically by its roots and the other is how patañjali defines it in his yogadarśana (the yoga sūtras of Patañjali) - this can be addressed if there is interest. Yet it my assessment minakshijain is considering it from the view of ~exercise and stretching~ no doubt.

Let's take a look , and then let me offer one idea for minakshijain to consider in his quest for a school of yoga.

Yoga is rooted in yuj the act of yoking , joining , attaching, harnessing. But to what? To the Supreme, to pure awareness, to bind one back to the source, to yoke one back to anuttara ( the Supreme). Yoga is also defined as a means , expedient , device , way , manner , a method.

Hence with 'method' we get various yoga-s; here are some of the names of the major approaches:

rāja ( some write rāj ) - king , sovereign , chief or best of its kind
karma (some write karman) - action consisting in motion ; act, special duty, skill in action
jñāna - knowing , becoming acquainted with , knowledge , (esp.) the higher knowledge of SELF, Supreme.
bhākti or bhākta - ' the faithful ones'
haṭha yoga - 'by force' ;' by all means '; persistently ( as in staying in one position)
kriyā - action; doing , performing , performance , occupation. For me this looks much like a definition for karma yogaWhat minakshijain is most likely interested in pursuing is haṭha yoga. This term haṭha means a few things; many see this as the sun + moon ( ha + ṭha ). Yet too 'ha' can be viewed as the Supreme, a form of śiva or bhairava , also destroying or removing ; and ṭha is consider the the moon's disk , but this ṭha can also mean 'a place frequented by all '. So, we look at it in 2 lights:

ha + ṭha = sun and moon suggesting the combining and bringing in harmony that of the sun ( spirit) and that of the moon (mind).
ha + ṭha = the Supreme + 'a place frequented by all' - intimating that haṭha yoga will bring one to the Supreme.
It also suggests with 'ha' the form of śiva or bhairava , as that which will destroy the impediments that holds back or limits one from frequenting the place where the Supreme resides.So, for minakshijain... it seems to me that which ever location you select for learning this haṭha yoga , consider the one that sees this 'yoga' as more then an exercise regimen but an approach that will bring you to the fullness of Being ( śiva ). Any thing less and you can just think of a place to go learn jumping jacks and save yourself a lot of time and energy.

iti śivaṁ

24 August 2014, 08:56 AM
Dear friend ,
you can try either the yoga school in Ranchi or Vivekananda yoga school in Bangalore .Both are well reputed and authentic yoga schools .