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13 September 2014, 08:26 PM

Please Watch. Must Watch. Philosophy : ONE-in-TWO-in-MANY-in-MANY-in-TWO-in-ONE

A consolidation of all Philosophies. The Universal Mystery Resolved: P R E M

KRshNAa S S S Hare KRshNa S S S Hare S S Hare...

17 September 2014, 09:38 PM

I am laughing because this gem of a post got transferred to "Announcements" while I had been thinking of typing out the conversation (main points) in the video to show how KRshNa explains many-two-one - when I have some time. It seems not many have the patience to watch Radha KRshNa in the philosophy section.

Thank You for keeping this post and not deleting it.

Why do I say this is a consolidation of all philosophies? Because of how sublimely KRshNa has explained here how everything is ultimately ONE while showing the variety of life forms.

The Divine Conversation :

Radha: How is it that I feel such strong emotions of love, separation, distress on not seeing You, while You are like an indifferent ascetic? We love You so much but there is no one who can bind you in love.

KRshNa: You are right. There is absolutely no one.

Radha: Not even Me ?

KRshNa: We are talking about "others" who can bind Me in Love. You are not another. You are Me.

Radha somehow proves that prem and its bhAvanA (conscious feelings) are real [when KRshNa stays Brahman NirvAN ]

KRshNa: I have no answer to your beautiful logic. I give up.

Radha: Bhagvan has lost?

Krshna: yes, Radhe. Nothing can bind Me like true love can.

Radha: So it is final : You are indebted to My Love for YOU

krSHNa : iS there a way to pay off this debt?

Radha: Yes there is a way...

[continued later]

20 September 2014, 10:05 PM

OK here is the deal. For one who has no patience for the video, there will be no patience for my transcripts either. So, I shall just give a pointer.

If interested and curious, please watch the video @ 10:40 onwards.

Radha challenges KRshNa to call all His "so-called girlfriends" by playing His Universal Flute and says that anyone who dares step in the radius She has drawn around KRshNa will be burned to ashes. This will be the test of the purity and truthfulness of their love.

KRshNa plays His Universal Flute and attracts all the gopis to the spot. They even transgress Radha's radius-boundary and are not turned to ashes.

Radha gives in saying She has lost, and apologizes to KRshNa.

Then KRshNa explains :

No Radhe, You can never lose. Look at all these gopis. Look at them carefully. Who are they?

Radha watches each Gopi intently (LalitA, VishAkhA, DevyAni GAyatri, SubhadrA...) and sees Radha in all of them!

KRshNa continues:
They each call themselves by unique individual names and identities, because they are deluded by MAyA. However, MAyA can never cover My [heart-]vision. Therefore, all of these individual Gopis give me Your Darshan (vision). In other words, I see You alone in all these forms. This means, they all have full right [of Love] over Me. Or let us say that no matter what form You come to Me in, You have complete Love-right over Me.

Radha: It also means, that Your MAyA is making Me wander in sooooo many different forms.

KRshNa: This is the mystery of duality and non-duality. Duality is hidden in Non-duality and non-duality in duality. If You understand this well, You will not complain about MAyA.

Radha: I am a simple milk-maid. I cannot understand Your deep philosophy.

KRshNa: This matter is certainly very deep, but very simple to understand.

Radha: What do You mean?

KRshNa: It means, all the forms, humans, animals, and all else that You see, are not different distinct beings. They are all ONE. In other words, they are all Radha-KRshNa. There is nothing else in this universe other than Radha and KRshNa.

Radha: There is one thing in addition.

KRshNa: What is that?

Radha: P R E M! The pure Love of Radha and KRshNa, without which Your Universe has no basis.

KRshNa: True! You have spoken such a beautiful Truth. It outshines My complex philosophy.

25 September 2014, 02:49 AM

I'm sorry you got no replies. I enjoyed your transcript. Thankyou for your effort.

25 September 2014, 11:01 PM
Thank You Icy Cosmic :)
That was sweet, but you need not be sorry. KarmaNyevAdhikAraste, mA phaleshu kadAchana. I had no such expectations, but if it makes a difference to whoever walks by, be it even for a moment, that is all that matters.

You have made a very good Facebook page. Keep going. Let the nectar flow.

26 September 2014, 09:29 PM
Hari bolo

The post in the link below is a conversation that actually got there without efforts from the devotee.


I cannot help but notice the profound yet innocent and unintentional connection between the conversation in the video and the one in the post #6, which manifested spontaneously yrs ago, and the mellow, sentiment or bhAv behind it. How shockingly similar is the bhAv of every Radha. To think-wish there is no one in the world except Radha KRshNa, to get that as an assurance from KRshNa and then to just double-ensure that that is indeed the case :)

sAre bhakton ko merA praNAm
I bow to all the devotees here.

27 September 2014, 02:29 PM

What grabbed my attention in the video was Chaitanya.

Lord Chaitanya is a very important Divine Saint in Bengal, His admires show no bounds and naturally such a Figure and Divine Personality is one of the colours in the Rainbow of Bengali Hinduism which I have Bengalis in my family. I always, unknown to me why, see bright halos of the colour Yellow and Gold when I think of Chaitanya and a feeling I want to cry with happiness. I know, crying and happy seem contray, opposite truths.

But in my Family, two seemingly opposite truths can be side by side and both true.

I love Lord Chaitanya.

Om Namah Sivaya

27 September 2014, 05:32 PM
Namaste Shiva Fan

You picked the amrut, because Chaitanya is the very personification of the entire theme of this video and thread.
Those golden yellow bright halos are certainly not the mind's imagination, I am sure they are coming from a higher source. You are blessed to cry in happiness on thinking of Chaitanya.

It is so nice to be in the sanga of devotees like you.

Certain type of kirtan or bhajan really turns me crazy too.

sAre bhaktonko merA praNAm
I bow to all the devotees.
Anyone who comes here is devoted to someone or something transcendental to the mundane (including devotion to learning), hence their feet are drawn here, hence they are devotees.