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17 September 2014, 08:20 PM

I never expected myself to post a query in Shaakta forum but few repeated signals has pushed me to seek guidance from this branch of Hinduism.
In order to highlight the importance of this question to my life giving a brief background.

I identify myself as a Sri Vaishnava (a staunch devotee of Shree Raama Chandra Prabhu). My relationship with Shree Raama Chandra Prabhu began as friends, now I know non other than the Divya Dampathi "Shree", "Raama Chandra Prabhu". I have adopted them as my parents.

In the past (before diving into Sri Vaishnavism) was a staunch worshiper of Shree Santoshi Maatha and Ugra Swaroop of Shree KaaLi Maatha.

Undergoing unprecedented and unbearable challenges in the last five months. Few months ago in my dream I saw Santoshi Maa visiting me in an unusual circumstances (initially mistook as KaaLi Maatha) and now again (today a short while ago) saw myself on my way to her abode. Dreams according to me are real, they have some relevance to our past,present and future. We see dreams because Sreeman Naaraayan wanted us to see.
After the dream read as much about HER, and the literature available in internet doesn't educate me much about HER in terms of puranic evidences or her references in Vedic scriptures.

My understanding/assumption is SHE is an amalgamation of various un documented legends.
I am sure there will be many Santoshi Maa devotees in this forum. I would like to hear more about HER.

I would like to pay my respect to HER for having visited me twice in my dream especially during the challenges I am battling. Your replies will help me to understand her HISTORY.

Apologies for this long writeup, but it is absolutely necessary to explain the importance


19 September 2014, 01:17 AM
Namaste Anirudh,

I have adopted them as my parents.

That is a great news ! Normally, parents adopt children. Here, the child is adopting his parents ! :) :)


19 September 2014, 07:06 PM
Normally, parents adopt children. Here, the child is adopting his parents !

Namaste Devotee ji,

Thanks for the message.

Ironically or Interestingly many events that occurred in my life were (and are) abnormal. From your offerings in the past, understand that, most of your expressions are based on Advaita principles. So my approach could be the result of maya that has cluttered me :-) ;-).

But, if not that, can we name the relationship in any other way?

Related to the question I posted, my search results (answers) are not satisfactory. As a beginner certain facts (as we see) surprise me. Number of Gods and the history/folklore associated are on the rise and contradicting too. If the belief "each and everything don't occur without HIM" is true, then the my dream is his grace. Swami Chinmayananda says "Grace is found by effort, though available everywhere.

Our ideas emerged out of this thread are very much real as they are based on our understanding that we consider as real. And such a reality need a name just like Anirudh or perhaps devotee.

Sometime back came across a valuable quote... Relationship is in the ability to convert transactional opportunities into transformational opportunities.

Thanks again...

20 September 2014, 07:20 AM
I do not know about Sri Santoshi Maa's puranic reference. However, she is considered a prosperity giver much akin to Sri Lakshmi and there is a vrata that is observed every Friday to honor her.