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17 April 2007, 12:37 PM
Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
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17th April 2007

My dear friends and like minded persons

I remember to have conveyed to you all about the activities in the temple complex “Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram” in Gurramguda village and the developments which we are continuing with, in the context of Socio-spiritual service.

Today, I take it, as my pleasure to write to you about the first ever Ketu Planet birthday having been performed in the temple along with the Stars Aswini, Makha and Moola. This planet birthday is taken into account as per the Skaanda Purana. We prayed Lord to grant all of us peace and happiness and performed Abhishekam with White seeds called as “Ulavalu”. Roga Nivarana Sookta, Bhagya Sookta, Neela Sookta, Bhoo Sookta, Rudra Sookta, Sri Sookta, Purusha Sookta and Durga Sookta – vedic orders are used for worship. Incidentally it is also associated with Maasa Shivarathri.

We request you all to join this Holy temple where regular activities will take place for the benefit of all of us. A suggestion has come to introduce payment of a sum of Rs.365/ (a rupee per day) so that prayers are offered in the name of the donor as per the date of his choice. Maasa Sivarathri worship etc are also indicated to all of you, however the same is once again repeated for your information and with a request to use the opportunity.

You are requested to send a cheque in the name of BRAHMA MAANASA SARVA SIDHI KSHETRAM payable at Hyderabad preferably giving the details such as birth day etc., birth star. Offering of Cow or its equivalent or its food material is also accepted. Under this a cow is fed either at Naimisharanya, or at Varanasi, or at Doodheswar Nath Mutt, or at Ayodhya. The donors can offer food material or cost of Cow (no specific amount) itself by sending amount of their choice so that their wish is executed from Hyderabad through Aanandaashramam.

The Twenty seven stars and the planets birth days are indicated for the year along with specific dates so that any one of you can participate either directly or otherwise.
Planet Related Stars Birth day Permanent One time
Pooja cost cost
(Life Long)

Jupiter Punarvasu,Viskha
Poorvabhadra 15.05.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Mars Mrigasira, Chitta
Dhanishta 11.08.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Venus Pubba, Porvashada
Bharani 25.08.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Rahu Ardra, Swathi

Satataara 10.10.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Moon Rohini, Hasta
Sravana 20.11.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Mercury Ashlesha, Jyestha
Revathi 16.12.07 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Saturn Pushyami, Anuradha
Uttarabhadra 30.01.08 Rs.5116 Rs.501
Sun Krittika, Uttara
Uttarashada 13.02.08 Rs.5116 Rs.501

This apart the following sevas are also offered on specific important dates of the year. Sankata Hara Chaturdhi Doorva Pooja – once in a month-----For generations @ 12 days in a year Rs.5116/ & one time Rs.116. Maasa Shivarathri Abhishekams – 12 in a year -For Generations Rs.10116 & one time 116/

Sankara Jayanthi on 21.04.07; Hanumad Jayanthi on 12.05.07; Naaga Panchami /Garuda Panchami on 17.08.07 ; Shri Krishna Janma Ashtami on 4.09.07; Saraswathi Pooja on 17.10.07; Mahojna Ekadasi on 22.10.07; Dhanalakshmi Pooja on 9.11.07; Ksherabdi Dwaadasi on 21.11.07; Sri Subrahmanya Shasti on 15.12.07; Radha Saptami on 13.02.08 --------------Each one Pooja for generations is costing only Rs.2516/ and one time is Rs.351/. Vinayaka Chaturdhi with Havan – Cost for generations Rs.6116/ and one time cost for one year Rs.1116/ ; Vaikuntha Ekadasi festival for generations with construction of Holy Gate – Cost for generations Rs.3516/ and one time cost Rs.516/; Sri Devi Navarathrulu for nine days – cost for generations – Rs10116/ and one time cost Rs.1116/.

Please make use of these options and build up this Kshetram with a view to build up a SOCIO – SPIRITUAL CENTRE. You may send DD/Chq favoring “SHRI BRAHMA MAANASA SARVA SIDHI KSHETRAM” payable at Hyderabad. Kindly note that this is only an informative letter and not a propaganda campaign. Let us march ahead helping the less fortunate in the society. This is a cost to cost exercise with a view to provide an affordable range. Prasadam will be sent to the address of the person needing the seva.


ps: I am posting this on Dr. Sai's behalf. I am in no way related to this acitivity or trying to promote it. Just passing information to members.