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17 April 2007, 07:13 PM
A young friend of mine IndianX who is also a member of HDF posted this on a christian forum...

"Pretty amusing stuff

There was a Hindu temple opened recently where I live and I suppose for reasons of exposure, they published a 'magazine' of sorts. Well, this magazine basically consisted of information about the temple and this meditation program/speech and towards the end, there were a series of advertisements.

This is the amusing part, atleast for me. I just skimmed through the adverts without interest, when I saw something that caught my eye:

'Prabhu Khrisht Mandir'

Now, I was kind of curious as to what this 'Khrisht Mandir' was all about. So, I look down and there is a very small picture with Jesus and the bold letters 'Shri Christ Gita'.

To the side, the advert reads 'Soul-stirring mantras', among other items in a list such as 'bhajans', just to give you an example.

They also listed a site, www.pkmandir.org

Now, my main question is, why? Why in the world would you try to pimp Jesus to Hindus this way? Why in the world would you resort to such methods to pander to a specific community?


I'll try to scan the ad up soon, when I can get access to a scanner."

I echo the same questions here...

17 April 2007, 08:55 PM
Namaste, Satay,

There are some who feel that "witnessing" brings them closer to Godz.

I spent my teens in Chapel Hill, NC, where for wherever reason, back in the 1970s, there was a yearly convention of ISKON acolytes who bounced all over the campus of UNC. They were adorable, and lovely, don't get me wrong, and really bore little semblance to what I have seen of ISKON here on HDF (not that y'all aren't adorable and lovely too...) but boy howdy did they talk/chant/bounce.

I talked with what appeared to be a senior representative at the time, commenting on the need to verbalize. We shared a chuckle at that being the form of communion/communication apprehended by the current group.

I see evangelists in a similar fashion. They have a need to, well, evangelize. That's their schtick.

I like to engage in the endearing earnestness of their vision, as it's all the same anyways, eh?


17 April 2007, 09:22 PM
Namaste Satay.

Pimping Jesus?! Appropriate indeed!

The dictionary defines a pimp as an agent for you-know-who and 'lives off their earnings'. Here the religious pimping involves shelling out money, jobs and empty promises for harvesting the gullible souls, so it's doubly attractive! And the gullible mostly find that the 'experience' of what they are offered is more bitter than the fruits of the datura (Umattai) plant, but the trap is made already!

It's a pity that an avatar of God, a virgin son born of a virgin mother out of immaculate conception, is made to showcase his 'wares' and offer himself for sale in the name of religious dogma that he did not propound. Sure he took the sins of the Christian mankind with him on the cross, but this sin of his followers, the sin of religious pimping, would surely plunge those who do it in eternal hell.

Modern marketing is bordering on pimping by the multinationals. Their face-creams, hair-dyes, soaps, toothpastes and even toilet cleaners are all advertised to be 'herbal' and 'ayurvedic'! At this rate, soon we will see 'herbal' denims and jeans (that have now considerable presence of pesticides in them).

It seems that our puranic asuras and rAkshashas are reborn in the Kali Yuga as the Christian and Islamic bigots and fanatics and the multinational marauders.

18 April 2007, 01:41 AM
I invited shisya Dave of pkmandir from the christian forums to come and join us on this forum and pimp jesus to us, however, it seems that my post has been deleted there and shisya Dave has made a sarcastic reply. As usual maleccha have nothing to answer back to the invitation of a hindu for an open discussion.

well...I suppose pimpin' ain't easy...:rolleyes:

26 April 2007, 11:57 AM
Namaste Satay ji:
I was trying to figure out for the past 1 week to get into HDF, I was under the feeling that there is a guest login and I could not enter into HDF. Unfortunately, it did not work, after much research, I have been able to login to the system.

Your post deletions. I have no clue.

I am wondering as to why your post has been deleted, it is a wonderstruck to me.

Sarcastic Remark:

As far as my remark being sarcastic, I do not understand where it was. Correct me, if I am wrong.

Mlecha's The sanskrit dictionary defines mlecha as barbarians. Also, it is refereded to as kirata: savage, and pulinda: meaning sinner.

Additionally, your statement, Mlecha's don't have an answer is not a valid statement because, I have been granted permission now for a free discourse and interchange of ideas. So feel free to direct any or all questions to me. If I have the answer, I will gladly answer it, if not, I will be honest enough to admit, I have none. If all of this makes sense. We can discuss on an even ground. Let's discuss in an intelligent fashion without using any name callings as the same does not build anyone.