View Full Version : Parvathavardhini-Four Armed Parvati

24 January 2015, 01:16 AM

Sri Parvathavardhini Devi is the Shakti(consort) of Lord Ramanathaswamy in Rameshwara Jyotirlingam.

In a previous post I have written about two armed Devi Uma Parvati,who holds a lotus in one arm.

The form of the Devi in Rameshwaram is unique as she has four arms and holds lotus flowers in two of the arms,while the other two have Abhaya(Protection) and Varada(bounteous blessings) Mudras.

Has anyone been to Rameshwaram & had darshan of the Mother Goddess?
Does any one know the story of Parvathavardhini Devi or about the form of Devi holding two lotuses?

05 March 2015, 05:10 AM
look like Lakshmi Devi but not